Preserving Your Book of Life

Good Saturday to you!

I trust that wherever you are, you are enjoying a restful weekend and rejuvenating yourself accordingly after a hectic week in the house or at work.  This blog is devoted to young and old - all of you who have DNA - so that covers all of us!

Your DNA is an incredible piece of work, which makes YOU an incredible piece of work.  The very nature of your genetic coding tells your body how to respond to its environment, its inherited traits - the good and the bad - and is predictive to a level of how you age. More importantly - how quickly your body declines with age.  Interestingly, recent research shows us that this genetic coding - your book of life - is read every moment you are living - and once read, determines how the cells in your body behave in response to the environment (your lifestyle choices) it lives in.

Research also shows that even inside the womb, the genetic coding is already starting to respond to the environment of the pregnant mother.  As you grow through your years, it is literally a matter of time and a matter of lifestyle load that will flick the switch, and off you go into a change of health.  We are seeing these switches occurring sooner than preferred - which makes recovery from certain conditions more intricate than ever before.

So what is contributing to this increase in genetic sensitivity and what can you do to preserve your book of life, so that it can be read to the point of a happily ever after when it comes to your health and vitality?

Basically - the matter is related to a number of factors (it always is with your health) - but the ones you have an influence over are these:

1.  Inflammatory habits within your lifestyle - high acidic forming foods (coffee, sugar, alcohol, protein, processed foods, smoking, medications) combined with  low alkalising foods combined with sleep deprivation, combined with highly stressful workplaces and low body movement.

2.  Increase in genetically modified foods that is unreadable by our DNA - our DNA is tens of thousands of years old - the food it can 'read' genetically today is so far off the natural state of food even 40 years ago.  Basic rule of evolution - if it didn't fall from a tree, get dug up from the ground, was running around in the hours or days before you are eating it - it has more than likely had a process of preservation which may contribute to a less nutritionally sound food.

3.  Natural attrition - the evolutionary 'dying off'/'transition' of our species over thousands of years - over time the DNA weakens which is quite normal within our species, but our environmental influences contribute to quickening this pace.  Reducing your exposure to chemicals, plastics, pesticides and altered foods will assist in bringing your inherited weaknesses into a more stable state of 'expression'.

Keeping your body in good DNA expression so that your cells replicate healthily, rather than like mutant ninjas that take over your youth and vitality - is actually very easy to do.

I am offering a very small number of 15 minute one on one sessions free of charge on Tuesday 13 th November between 9 and 11am QLD time to discuss how you can effectively preserve your book of life and slow down the deterioration of your cellular life.  Contact me directly to secure your spot!

Remember - like every book you have ever read, the words make up the sentences, the sentences the line, the lines - a story.  Your cells are the words, the tissues they make are the sentences,  the organs made of these tissues are the lines - and the story will either be a five part thriller or a book of short poems...what are you asking your body to read?



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