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Well it is for one of my newer patients - he has just gone 12 days without his CPAP machine!  Its been a few months of herbs, diet changes, testing for specific chemical processes in the body and a touch of homeopathic support for the balance - and we have achieved 99% oxygen saturation without the snorkel.

For those of you who currently suffer with or are sleeping next to someone with sleep apnoea, you will understand the significance of these results.

 Airways are blocked in obstructive sleep apnoea, which causes the sufferer to literally stop breathing during the night.


Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder that is marked by pauses in breathing or shallow or infrequent breathing during sleep.  Each pause is called an apnoea and can last for several seconds to some minutes and as frequently as 5 - 30 times a night.  Needless to say the sufferer doesn't get a good night sleep and often wakes unrefreshed, irritable, feeling foggy and needing a 'heart starter' to get things going again.  In fact, this condition is potentially a dangerous one for the cardiovascular system - and can be a medical concern for sufferers.

What is more a concern is that children are thought to also suffer with this condition which can really answer some questions when it comes to sluggish morning movements and grumpy teens!  It could be an area of investigation if your child is showing a poor sleep pattern and complaining of being tired all the time.


Once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea - best done in a sleep clinic where your breathing, positions and brain cycles are monitored, your specialist may recommend a CPAP machine (see below), ENT surgery (usually to the nose, adenoids or other internal facial structures), mouth guards and may also raise the issue of weight loss if it is pertinent.


When I see sleep apnoea patients, the most common concern I see is that they no longer want  to wear one of these bulky, noisy machines or they want to avoid needing one.  Here are my recommendations for a successful sleep apnoea program to give you a great starting point for achieving this and much more with your sleep!

1.  Explore and master Buteyko breathing - this can be a very important allied support to your program and can also impact greatly on other health issues including digestive and hormonal balances. This is achieved through specific techniques that help to balance your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

2.  Reduce foods that you are sensitive to and make you feel congested in your body - usually dairy and wheat are the culprits, but yeast, sulphites (preservatives, wine) and tannins (wine) can also play havoc with your airways and make them inflamed and swollen. Any food sensitivity can contribute!  We can check that in our clinic if you need to find out where to start here.

3.  Address adrenal exhaustion, liver congestion and heat in the body - this is best done with botanical or herbal medicine.

4.  Test for methylation - this is the necessary step your body uses to alter hormones for sleep amongst many related roles.

5. Support emotional challenges - this can contribute to certain lifestyle choices that can contribute to sleep apnoea (especially obstructive) - maybe this condition is your body's way of saying "Listen to me - I need to áir' my grievances "- so to speak!

6.  Exercise is an important part of this condition - when you learn about effective breathing you will also learn about the best ways to move your body for weight loss results and oxygen utilization.  It is also possible to lose weight however, without even picking up a skipping rope so there really isn't an excuse for weight gain in this situation - just the ones you come up with!

Remember - this is one of those situations in health where if you snooze - you most definitely do NOT lose!

*If you or someone you know or sleep next to is interested in learning more about sleep apnoea, please pass them this email or our clinic number - =61 7 55 939145

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