Put Your Body Into D.R.E.A.M

Happy cloudy Saturday.  It's a great day to make immune building bone broths, slow cooked meals and nourishing healthy treats for the working and school week!  Grab those recipes and go for it!

Today's piece is bought to you by my own misfortune having reached just under the 7 day mark since tearing a calf muscle to reveal a 1.5cm x .6mm chasm in my right leg.  Ok, its not that dramatic and no blood was shed (on the outside) but nonetheless it has successfully rendered me less ambulatory than usual.  My examining GP recommended 2 weeks on crutches, 6 weeks till it has fully knitted and 12 weeks before back to 'normal'.  It is after all a tear, not a sprain, its going to take time.

Five days in and I am getting about without the crutches, with no at rest pain or even pain on walking bar the odd twitch here and there. A physio friend said if it feels ok to do this, it is likely to heal much faster as the muscle needs to work to heal.  And from this, the D.R.E.A.M acronym was born.

You see, if you give your body the right environment, nourishment, activity and rest to heal in, it gets on with it pretty quickly, especially if your base health before the glitch was pretty good to start with.  Here is the acronym spelt out - does your body need a D.R.E.A.M?

D = Default

R = Repair/Reset

E = Energy

A = Autopilot

M = Mode

I will quickly break it down for a minute:

Default healing is the human body's natural state - it is constantly striving for a balance to the imbalance, the right to the wrong, the alkaline to the acid, the dilution of the solution, the rest to the expenditure of energy and the restlessness to the rest.  The trick here is to ride the wave of each phase and provide the tools to ride the wave back - by listening to what it needs.

Repair/rest is pretty self explanatory - sometimes all you need is to get off your feet, get them raised, close your eyes and surrender to the healing energy of rest, repair and your own breath.

Energy is required by each healthy cell through the mitochondria, a powerhouse structure in each of your cells that emits energy and cell signals.  Your heart contains the highest concentration of these which is vital for the ongoing pumping and electricity conduction that keeps you alive.  Energy is also the potential your body has to burn what you store, repair a broken piece, remove a harmful virus or bacteria and many many more life preserving processes.  Often your energy is dropping because of repair requirements - its wise to listen to that.  Even my small tear left me fatigued for a few days.  I attribute my quick recovery so far to a good balance between rest and use of the limb (energy).

Autopilot is exactly what your body uses to do all this recovery work.  Leave it sometimes to do this rather than suppressing a natural return to health via the gateway of mild and temporary symptoms and your body is a healing machine!  Often deciding what doesn't need to be fixed because it isn't broken is the best health choice you can make.

Mode is also self explanatory but let me say just this - it isn't always the same mode each time.  You may use more or less energy to heal this time compared to last, just go with it.  If your mode is impatience around your healing, that is where your attention needs to go when it comes to fixing something.

Remember - your body has the innate ability to D.R.E.A.M itself back to health again, so close your eyes and visualise it happening.  Permission to rest granted.