Rewards Without Rewind – Create An Addiction to Health

Welcome to the weekend!  Ever had that feeling that your hard earned rewards are doing you more harm than good?  If you haven't twigged, this is where the TGIF anthem starts making a monster out of your meditations.

At the end of the working week when you have exerted every cell you own to the bone and the temptation to unwind with substances puts you in virtual danger of causing more harm than good to your body, lies an opportunity to also take some charge and re-create yourself before the week begins again.  This is when you can literally create an addiction to being healthy instead of an addiction to 'dumbing out' the pressure of your life.

To ensure that week in, week out, year in and year out - you are not creating a cellular sandstorm of irreversible genetic changes  it is vital to understand that weekend 'let go's' are a potential long term problem dressed up in a short term 'You've earnt it' costume - so be careful...

This time of year is often a mixed bag of Christmas credit card bills coming due, end of Summer blues and rainy day boredom all mixed in with the reality that again you are already part way through another year that is starting to get away from you without a solid focus on your health. Enter this blog piece.

Rewards without rewinding your previous year's efforts are a gold mine when it comes to achieving that ever ellusive goal of resilience against the toughest stuff life throws at you!

Here are my tips on fantastic rewards you can allow yourself to earn WITHOUT the toxic effects of Friday to Sunday 'black outs'.

1.  Coming into the cooler months is a perfect time to explore the mountainous ranges on a nature adventure bush walk. Plan it on the Thursday or Friday for an early start Saturday or Sunday.  You will be sure to be amazed at what nature offers you in terms of colour, sound, smell, texture and the freshness of clean air.  The perfect destress option!

2.  A Friday alternative to roof top drinking parties is a beach party where you gather some great friends, light a ranger friendly fire and grab a few instruments and talented muscial friends over some warm brewed drinks. If you are driving, brewed drinks = spiced chai teas, mineral waters infused with fruits and freshly picked mint - and a clear sky spattered with stars to gaze upon.  Drink it in!

3.  A DVD that has heart and soul at its foundation can be enough to step you back into the space you needed to be to unravel that unspoken disagreement, disheartened feeling and unfinished emotion - often these are the most healing movies of all. Follow your intuition at Blockbusters and settle in for an evening of cleaning out the old stuff.

4.  Grab a canvass from the local $2 shop, some items from the bush, beach or park, a couple of base colours - and go for it.  Art can be a sensational way to unravel creative blocks from weekly pressures. Why not organise a life art drawing night with a few of your girl/guy friends?

5.  Ghost your way to exquisite happiness. There are loads of pottery places just itching to welcome you in so you can get your hands dirty and flirty with a chunk of clay. Even if your clay vase falls over - you can't plant that much fun if you tried!
6.  Spend Friday night putting together a new playlist on your phone or IPOD that lifts your spirit and motivates you to hit next week with vitality and vigour.  So many songs...

7.   Plan your next holiday and start putting the drinking money aside - it will be sooooo worth it!

Remember - delayed gratification is often something we need a little practice at, but when it is mastered - you become the conductor on the fun tour of your whole life!  Resist the urge for instant fun, and save it up for some deeply gratifying enjoyment!

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