Rheumatoid Rumours – How To Tame the Inflame

Good glorious Saturday morning to you.  How wonderful it is to wake feeling refreshed and alive after a peacefully deep sleep.  Ok, so if that wasn't your reality today, perhaps its time to check in with your body's inflammatory response.  An inflamed body will not rest well, wake well, move well and recover well.  If you need to send your body into a warm up first before you can move around the house without making old people noises - you may have some decent levels of inflammation.

I often hear friends joking around that their 'arthritis' is playing up when they are stiff and sore...this may be a little closer to the truth than you think.  There are two main types of arthritis experienced by us - rheumatoid and osteo.  Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition,  usually affects smaller joints in the hands and toes, often ending in deformed and swollen joints with great loss of movement and gain of pain.  Rheumatoid arthritis is commonly warm to the touch and the movement and pain improves when the joint is warmed up first.  Osteoarthritis commonly affects the larger joints of the hips and knees and sometimes the back, cooler to the touch and worse when put under movement requests - it is also linked to insulin resistance. Gout is another form of arthritis affecting mainly the foot/toe and often relates to a disorder of purine metabolism and uric acid processing.  Certain foods like beer, chocolate, wine, prawns, beef - you know - the ones you love to enjoy - are offending culinary treats.  There are a number of other foods that are the no go list for gout as well.

More recent research and discoveries on the bacterial profile of the body (microbiome) has found that there may be a bacterial link to rheumatoid arthritis and gout - which fits with the autoimmunity status of such conditions - the body has exhausted its immune response to bacterial imbalance and is now deranged in its management.  By introducing a diet and nutritional regime to correct bacterial overgrowth and infiltration, you are more likely to complete the efforts of healing that your body is trying to employ to correct the inflammatory and immune damage being introduced to that area.

All of these conditions are a representation of inflammation in some form or another.  Of the most formidable kitchen foods to help get this bacteria connected, insulin related and life debilitating conditions into the healing seat again include:








By including these herbs in cooking, beverages, desserts and breakfast meals - you start to invite correction again within the body. Combine these with the following inflamer tamers - and you are on a winner for the duration for sure:

  1.  Remove all alcohol for at least 6 weeks to give your gut lining some time to repair and your liver to mop up the debris caused by inflammatory cells
  2. Introduce high strength probiotic bacteria to correct the balance again and start the seek and destroy mission to find joint degrading organisms
  3. Correct the membrane barriers of your joints with omega 3 oils, clean filtered water, phospholipids found in egg yolk and soy lecithin and glutamine - an amino acid that helps to rebuild damaged tissue and heal any leaky gut areas that contribute to bacterial movement.
  4. Begin a herbal regime that have both anti-inflammatory and bacterial correcting properties to sweep in and assist the probiotics.  Often herbs also have dual or multiple actions as in pain relief, mobility relief and supporting actions like calming a worried mind or soothing a sleep problem. Of the most helpful herbs - barberry, ginger, garlic, devils claw, cramp bark, willow bark and Californian poppy are a great start.
  5. Aim to move your body frequently and with reduced impact such as in water activities, small joint rotations and yoga/tai chi activities.  Gentle waking movements are always a great start when the body is in inflammation.  Use a long and deep breath when moving between a start and finish of your activity.
  6. A ketogenic diet for osteoarthritis that includes good levels of fats and green vegetables will be most beneficial.  It is advised to be guided on this form of eating and to embark on it after you have received such guidance.  It is the preferred eating program to correct insulin resistance.

Remember - at the first sign of joint pain and disfigurement it is recommended to get on top of this as soon as possible before the tsunami of inflammation takes over.  Early intervention and management is key here.  Just because its in your family - doesn't mean it needs to be in your body too.  This pretty much applies for all inherited chronic and auto immune diseases.