RIP should mean Re-Insert Prevention

Happy weekend to you and those who you spend it with.  Sadly, this weekend, part of my family will be missing a loved one.  Weekend sports will never be the same, family dinners will be less one place mat and another generation moves on to pave the way for the next.

It has again, given me something to ponder - when we say Rest In Peace about a loved one when they pass, could this be also a prompter for us to take a look at our own self care and reboot our own prevention to preventable lifestyle related illnesses?

I know that it may sound a little macabre to draw this so soon, but when I speak to so many patients who are still struggling with their own health changes and implementation, inspiration to flick into a solid routine that sets you on a long term healthy habit can come from anywhere in my books.

Of the most concerning and topical conversations among my male patients is the fear of dropping suddenly from a heart condition or finding out they have prostate cancer, and in women - cancer in general but particularly breast or other reproductive cancers.

There are so many pathways we can follow to prevent some of these and many other conditions and even in the event that you need conventional medicine to correct an advanced case, your nutritional needs will never be absent throughout.  Even by taking care of those alone, and ensuring your body is getting an adequate routine around intake, fasting, hydration, rest and movement - you can improve the effect and shorten the time needed on many medications when diagnostic testing is monitored by your GP.  Preventative medicine can very well start in the home before you have to venture into a chemist or health food store.

There is plenty of data to show that exposure to cleaning aids, cosmetics, deodorants, hormone interrupting chemicals in gardening products and body products can all start a cascade of events that will inevitably lead to disharmony in the human body.

Even the good old food pyramid (see below) has undergone a revamp and highlights that vegetables and legumes are more important in quantity than grains - so by inverting your grain intake alone, you are eating a healthier balance of foods for health and nutritional requirements.

Re-inserting prevention into your health approach is a smart and wise move and probably needs to be done a few times a year to start with in order to effect a decent impact on preventing family inherited diseases and sudden illness onset.  Essentially it should be on our minds daily, but I am a big picture person.

Remember - you can't medicate yourself out of a condition you ate your way into and Rome wasn't built in one day...neither was your current self!