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It looks like we may be in for some more wet weather soon, and after our usual early year deluges, it is being reported that so far this year, there are already 3000 cases of Ross River Fever in QLD diagnosed, and very possibly many more undiagnosed cases.  These figures are up on last year and are being attributed to by the rain events of late creating some increase in activity in mosquitoes carrying the disease.

This viral condition looks very much like the common flu and symptoms can last from weeks to months in individuals, lending to the common misdiagnoses.  Accurate diagnoses is best done through blood viral serology testing requested from your doctor (although I have been able to also request these they are not Medicare covered unless done so by a GP).


1.  Polyarthritis (many joints affected by deep aching pain)

2.  High fever

3.  Weakness/malaise

These symptoms are quite debilitating and as for most other post viral infections, after the infection has been mastered by the immune system, the ongoing effects of fatigue and pain often morph if left untreated into chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia.  In fact, for the CFS/FM patient, viral serology testing should be a first port of call to identify what viral infections have been endured so to understand what load the energy production systems and the nutrient depletion have undergone to ascertain recovery success and timeframes.

To say they get in the way of a good party and a decent day's work is an understatement.


Many medical approaches will leave the patient on their own when dealing with the aftermath of Ross River Fever and similar infections saying they are not able to be treated, which is a gross oversight to the benefits that nutrient repletion and immune management can bring the sufferer.  These are the main areas of focus to help in recovering the loss of energy and joint pain in post viral infections:

1.  Adopt a low inflammation dietary approach to eating - abundance in orange and green from the vegetable world, minimal grains,  lots of water, minimal tannins, sugar and caffeine, minimal red meat, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (high in zinc and magnesium).  If possible avoid alcohol until you are pain free and energy abundant.

2.  Supplemental focus on supporting the citric acid cycle in your cells - this is the primary energy production cycle that your food takes when it is broken down into its smallest size - the cycle churns the food into energy but it does need certain nutrients to push one stage to the next.

3. Ensure that nutrients are high quality - for example magnesium and zinc are primary nourishment however if a poorly absorbed mineral is introduced into the body, it can create more nutrient loss through diarrhea or rob precious energy to try to access the bound nutrient.  Do the research, the best forms are in a bisglycinate, amino acid chelate or citrate (often in that order).  Further you do need high doses to get on top of the condition for a period of time so I do recommend practitioner ranges as they achieve this goal without high quantity dosing.

4.  Consider exercise to be part of the recovery but not inflammation causing activity such as weight training. Gentle rhythmic exercise like walking, gentle swimming, pilates, yoga and tai chi are perfect to bring subtle raises of your energy that can be built on later.

5.  Co enzyme Q 10, D-Ribose and DMG are all performance and energy enhancing nutrients that can be absolutely vital in flagging energy.

6.  Epsom salt baths are very useful in muscle and joint pain recovery as can aromatherapy oils such as wintergreen, black pepper and rosemary.

7.  Address immune sluggishness - I like to combine probiotics with medicinal mushroom complexes as they do a broad spectrum immune function and the mushrooms are particularly important when recovering rheumatic conditions with an infection related starting point.  Omega 3 fatty acids are also helpful in reducing inflammation.

Remember - not all viral infections affect us the same way as another person - your body has a history of factors that will (always) determine your recovery time and process - be patient yet diligent and you can beat this debilitating condition.

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