Saturdays All Boxed Up

Happy Boxing Day to you!!

I trust that you enjoyed a festive family and friends celebration for Christmas yesterday. For those of my readers in the Northern Hemisphere- Merry Christmas to you!

To you all thanks again for sticking by and reading the posts - please let me know a topic you would like to read about - in my usual tone I will break it down into easier chunks to digest well. After all - digestion is key to the overall health of your organs, your immune system, your nutrient absorption, your mental health and even genetic expressions.

If there was anything I would suggest you work on this coming year- it would be to focus on all aspects of digestion - from the top to the bottom literally.

Many patients ask me if there was one thing to take or do for your health what would it be- my answer is always my digestive system.

From enzymes and mechanical chewing in the mouth to stomach emptying efficiency and onwards down to small and large intestine - there are so many opportunities for your body to get it wrong in an uncomfortable and irritable way.

If this was how you felt after Christmas feasting yesterday- it's time to put this project higher on the list of things to prioritise from here on in.

Remember - you are what you eat, absorb and fail to effectively eliminate.

See you in the new year!