Set Your Health Up For Success

Good Saturday morning to you!

I hope your week had some solid moments of achievement blended with a healthy dose of reflection on where your learning  opportunities were. After all we are never too old or experienced, skilled or affluent, depleted or over it to adapt and grow.

Much of my patient conversations are not just centred around what to eat, pop, swig or mix - most involve coaching, focusing, realignment and helping with getting back on track when the going feels tough.

I was having a chat along these lines earlier this week with one of my patients who is working on weight loss and turning around a type 2 diabetes diagnosis before Summer comes back (like it hasn't left yet!).

He is doing really well so far but something he said really stopped me mid consultation which changed the direction of the conversation.

He said, "I can't wait to get to my goal weight and glucose readings so I dont have to watch what I'm eating all the time." Wait, what?

It was then that I reminded him that it was this kind of lack of vigilance that has bought his health to the point he needed to implement such stringent strategies. I described it much like rotting timber on a house- if you know it's already diseased, would you remove it, replace it and protect it sooner or later? Is the job harder and bigger if you let it go for another 6 months? And if there was one lot of rot, could there not be more in other areas?

He quickly saw my reasoning and relevance to his own health.

I was on a roll so I suggested he adopted a new mindset that looked something like this:

Much like a renovation to a house, once you achieve a goal in the beautification and repairs department, set a new goal post. In fact, lets not call them goal posts, lets call them SUCCESS POSTS!

A success post differs from a goal post, when you reach a goal post we tend to think that's the end of the journey. When we set ourselves success posts, they are defined differently- they encompass a wider range of meaning.

What does success mean to you, look like to you, feel like to you? When you investigate this, you will find there are many levels of this and that having a youthful weight friendly body and living a life that is 'on purpose' is not a stop start process. It's a continuum.

After all, if we get to our last goal and then stop...

Setting your health up for success means having a handful of parameters over your life and ever changing ageing  process that you strive to maintain, not meet and cease.

Not sure how to get a start in this area? Let's sit down and do it together... - select 'Success Posting Session'