Should Children Undergo a Detox Program?

Welcome to 2013 - I trust this year brings you loads of success and great health to enjoy it with!  It would be highly frustrating to have the means to live it up after years of hard work, but being too unwell or lacking the energy to play.  Make 2013 your year to put some preventative measures into caring for your and your child's health for the long term, not just addressing issues as they come up.

Today's piece is an interesting topic - somewhat controversial in some sectors, but nonetheless - a question on the tips of the tongues of some of my parents whose children I treat.  Is it safe to take a child through a detox program?  The short answer is no - at least not in the same way an adult would approach a detox program.  That doesn't mean however that there is no need for children to go through a cleansing program from a diet high in simple sugars, preservatives and animal products.  Much research supports the common sense approach many parents have around moderating sugar intake to reduce the harm this slow poison causes children, but to sharply reduce calories in the form of fats, carbohydrates and protein in a child could quickly create many more immediate problems such as lowered immune status, muscle wasting, keto acidosis, headaches, sleep disturbances and behavioural exacerbations.

Here are my tips for 'cleansing' your child from the nice nasties (often consumed in high doses this time of year).

1.  Keep a probiotic/prebiotic dose going for your child through out the entire cleansing/festive program.

2.  Follow a program that is guided by your Naturopath and is suited to your child's current weight and body composition.  This means that the correct balance of nutrients and support therapies will be included.

3.  Avoid commercial detox packs aimed at adults - these are dangerous and not suitable for many adults, let alone children.

4.  Always support your child's main organs of elimination (gut, liver, kidney, skin) when you embark on this style of program - and only use childrens' formulas - never give your child an adult formula.

5.  Homeopathic Nux Vomica can be a great gentle starting point for a child and it is fantastic even when consuming the nice nasties!

6.  Start slow, encourage your child to drink plenty of water and only freshly made diluted juices.

7.  Be honest with yourself and your Naturopath about the current position of your child's allowed treats and non allowed treats and how often they occur. If necessary keep a food diary on your child for a week or two to reveal the little sneaky treats that can be consumed. Missing this information can be a major step in the success or failure of a child's cleansing program.

Remember - children can carry toxins in their body just as successfully as an adult, and if not relieved of them periodically, can create the perfect environment for poor immune functions, gut parasites and even more chronic diseases.  I highly recommend that this is a supervised event in a child's health program.

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