Slowing Down the Waterworks

Good Saturday to you all!  I trust you are feeling a little refreshed as you head into your weekend.  Remember to factor in some down time - you run a big risk of burning out before your Christmas break if your working week and your weekend are packed and fast paced...

If you or someone you know experiences trouble with bladder leakage - either adult or child (bedwetting) - this piece could come in handy.  Bladder incontinence can be an embarrassing, uncomfortable and inconvenient situation to find one self in.  A few lucky women after child birth don't have to deal with incontinence which is largely due to their anatomical makeup, pelvic muscle strength and general health.

In men, incontinence can be an indicator that the prostate gland is enlarged or more seriously affected.  In children, bed wetting can indicate a delay in reaching a toileting milestone, an over load of sugar or preservatives that excite the nervous system (the bladder is teaming with nerve receptors just waiting to trigger a message to urinate), parasite irritation or there may be an emotional link to their concern.

When I am treating a patient with this condition, I aim to cover off the following situations which I see as contributing factors to a trigger happy bladder.  In the cases where it comes down to a mechanical/structural issue of ligament/muscle damage, I may refer the case over to a physiotherapist or Urologist for further investigation. Much of these following factors can go a long way however to improving even these cases remarkably.

1.  Ensure that the frequency of yeast/sugar or simple carbohydrates in the diet is largely reduced or removed - this includes high fruit diets, white bread, pasta, rice and flours, soft drinks, alcohol, ice cream (even the soy variety), flavoured yoghurts, sweetened rice and oat milks and bakery items.  I set an eating program that offers a more tonifying effect on the system.

2. Treat with a specific herbal formula I make that reduces the impact on the urinary/nervous system from the above style of diet.

3.  Check that the bowel is emptying satisfactorily and frequently to take the physical pressure off the bladder and reduce leakiness of nerve irritating toxins through gaps in the colonic membranes.

4.  Eliminate all nerve irritating substances such as caffeine and guarana.

5.  Suggest a journey into any emotional connection to literally feeling 'pissed off' - I offer a number of solutions to this situation that is non confrontational and doesn't involve the other person...

6.  Check there is a balance between water and electrolyte intake - depending on where you are with this, your bladder may be trying to empty to trigger a hormone that stimulates thirst to combat dehydration.

7.   Incorporate a hormonal balancing/uterine tonic formula for women and a hormone balancing formula for men.  In children I focus on gut and nervous system care alongside using a specific homeopathic formula to bring a delayed milestone up to scratch.

8.  Assess core strength and ensure something is being done about it.

Remember - to accept this and other 'age related'/'stage related' conditions as normal maybe a sign that you are missing other important longer term issues.  Investigate rather than contemplate...

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