Sort our your Sleep Part Two

Good Saturday all!  We made it! I trust you slept well last night knowing that we didn't disintegrate into a zillion pieces!  If you didn't, here are my handy tips for a great sound sleep.

Also, today is my last day in clinic till 8th January 2013 with the exception of dire emergencies.  Please contact me direct on 0438461178 for assistance.

Here's how I ensure my patients get a great night's sleep:

1.  Enjoy regular bouts of exercise through the week - a tired body sleeps well - but this is more importantly pertinent for a physically tired body rather than a mentally exhausted one.

2.  If you can't get to sleep for any reason, or wake at an odd time, stay rested and horizontal - you will be in a better position to 'catch the next wave' of sleep when it comes along.  If you let yourself get anxious, you may miss the wave and you'll be paddling like fury all day to catch up on your energy.

3.  Have a sleep rule for yourself - I encourage my patients to be in bed by 10pm so that they can start the necessary 5-6 sleep cycles (and more importantly the ones that around 1-4am help your body clean out and detox).

4. Ensure you eat adequate protein at the dinner meal and avoid alcohol if you are experiencing regular light or poor sleep. Both of these when out of balance will upset the sleep hormone balance and create an erratic slow wave and REM sleep cycle.

5.  Try nervine and calming herbs or homeopathic blends to support better sleep hormone production - I have one patient who loves my homoeopathic Sleep Mix as it is a non drowsy, calming blend of homeopathic herbs.

6.  Keep eating regularly through the day and never go to bed without eating a meal at night - this can alter your blood sugar levels and start a wake cycle around 12-3am.

7.  Avoid overeating or eating large meals within 2 hours of going to bed. If you are late getting a meal in, make it simple and easy to digest - such as a boiled egg, tin of tuna with a cracker or a protien rich soup/shake

8.  Foods high in Vitamin B6 and Tryptophan or a supplement that supplies both will be most helpful.

9.  If you are a chronic insomniac, I suggest starting with a serotonin, melatonin and Vitamin D test.  From there I can formulate a sleep plan with your diet and supplement regime.

10. If you are a shift worker - I have a specific plan for you, maybe its time we get together and go over that so that in 2013 - you can have your cake, eat it and sleep soundly!


Remember - a sleep disorder is not part of normal life and should never be settled for - there is a lot that can be done to kickstart your sleep patterns so that you can wake feeling refreshed and youthful again - without medication.  Goodnight!



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