Spark Up Your Metabolism and Burn Unwanted Calories (Take 2)

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Apologies for this post not appearing with content last week.  I am not sure what happened with the content but I trust we are on track this week.

Here we go again:

Whenever I am asked by a patient how to speed up the way their body burns calories, a few things come to mind when considering how to solve this problem.  First I enquire into what is going into the body vs what is being burned up during exercise (input vs output).  If that satisfies all my criteria for adequate metabolic rate, the next place I check is for any medical conditions or medication that may slow the metabolism (rate at which you burn stored or consumed calories to produce heat).

Thirdly - I start to investigate a possible sluggish thyroid gland and insulin resistance if all else starts to plateau.  And finally, when all else fails - testing for liver detoxification profiles is a wise move as all too often, when a cleanse for the liver is implemented, things really start to shift up a gear when you are aiming to pick up metabolic speed.

All things considered, there are few extra little things you can take care of yourself or enquire into providing you are cleared by your doctor for safety reasons:

1.  Hydrotherapy - using hot and cold water therapy is a sure fire way to whip up your calorie burning. The very act of this is ages old and it effectively assists with lymphatic cleansing.  If you use the cold therapy more often and you get cold, you are burning calorie through shivering.

2.  Green Tea - is a wonderful herb that not only contains cell protecting anti oxidants, it also has an impact on the metabolism to increase the rate at which your burn calories.  Drink about 3-4 cups a day for optimal results.  In Summer, make up cool and add refreshing mint leaves or lemon/lime slices.

3.  Exercise - in short bursts is still better than no full hour work outs.  A small intense burst of activity in frequent little blocks will still help burn and tone muscle.  Research shows a toned muscle is more efficient at fat metabolism than an untrained muscle.

4.  L- Carnitine - some studies show that this amino acid can reduce fat mass and increase muscle mass as well as having cardiac supportive activity.

5.  Theobroma from the cacao plant has also been shown to have favourable effect on the metabolism of stored fat tissue in the abdomen.  Next time you are thinking of having a hot chocolate, use raw cacao powder instead of traditional drinking chocolate.  This can also be added to a green smoothie for flavour and effect.

6.  Hydroxy citric acid - also has an impact on the burning of stored calories.  If you find a supplement in the health food store that is offering healthy caloric burning, this may be a good option for you.

7.  Reduce your sugar, alcohol and coffee intake for a month by half if not completely.  To give your body a rest for just on 3 weeks will really make a difference. If you can go for longer, you will get much better results.

8.  Adjust your meal portions to eat 20% less than what you are already eating.

9.  Increase your fresh green leaf intake - English spinach is a good start as it isn't so bitter, but the more bitter, the better as this stimulates digestive enzymes which in turn results in more effective fat and carbohydrate (the stored nutrients) metabolism.

10.  Use digestive enzymes to increase digestive effect at the start of the digestive tract, and probiotics to increase the toxin removal and bacterial processing of the leftovers from digestion.

Remember, burning calories in your body is a multifactorial activity and needs a multifactorial approach. A little bit of effort here and there will add up to leaner you!
















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