Spooky Side Effects

Good morning to you and for those who celebrate it, Happy Halloween.

I've been watching with interest the polarity that Halloween is bringing to Australians and how it is drastically different from one person to another as to how and if they follow this American tradition.  Outside of the great excuse to dress up and have a little themed fun, the fall out the next day or so from a sugar and food colourings hit can, for some (adults and children), can only be described as ghoulish.

Yesterday I attended a conference devoted to methods and pathways we work with in natural medicine to balance female (and male) reproductive hormones, and interestingly what came up consistently was the impact that insulin resistance and poor detoxification processes have on the hormones that keep us happy and comfortable.  For children, this is especially important as the pre 12 year old digestive health of a young girl for example can literally set her  up for potential irregular and painful periods, troubles with fertility and issues with mood fluctuations.

In adults, ''Halloween Head" can literally hit daily if you hit the bottle more than twice a day. Yes that's right, more current research has indicated that more than 2 drinks a day in women can increase her oestrogen levels which is no fun if you suffer already with painful periods, fibroids or have a history of oetrogen sensitive cancer or cystic breasts.  We know that an increase of oestrogen is also possible in men as well, and when this inflammatory hormone increases, so too does pain and mood swings...scary stuff!

The good news is that research is supporting the use of soy isoflavones in reasonably high doses to exert a hormone balancing effect, and that is safe to do so. In fact, it is encouraged.  I would say that if your thyroid gland is sluggish to team this up with some iodine, but in general - soy is a great modulator of oestrogen excess.

Remember - sugar, food colourings, plastics, slow detoxification phases, alcohol are a great recipe for a no make-up needed wicked witch of the west - so get your Dorothy on, tap your heels back to home and make yourself a yummy healthy meal plan for the week to come!

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