Stop Suffering Over your Suffering

Happy Days are here again - its the weekend! Your mission if you choose to take it is this:


How often do you find yourself in a situation where you feel poorly for some reason or another and not moments into this, you start layering on top of that your disappointment, sadness, anger or simple loss of confidence in your body?  This layering can come from a number of places - concerns over family inheritance of DNA/genetics, worry over a previous loss of productivity from the same or different health problems, impatience in the face of yet another setback in life...

Regardless of these - what is paramount to the recovery of the current situation and prevention of subsequent recurrent ones, is a change of attitude to the onset of body symptoms.  You can literally suffer more over those than what your body is initially setting out to do.  So give yourself a break and get on with the healing!

There have been many studies on the improvement of pain and recovery post surgery when meditation and relaxation techniques are employed prior to.  There are countless stories of people with pain and illnesses in various degrees visualising minimisation and elimination of pain from certain techniques.  Simply put, when the mind is centred either way, it can either increase or decrease your suffering - so you get to choose!

Remember - even if at times it feels you are at the mercy of your condition, take solace in knowing that you still have the ability to dig deeper and create a lightening of the suffering, from there your body has a better chance of taking over and doing what it is designed to do!


For the Christmas break I will be away from the clinic from December 23rd to January 13 2014.  During this time I will be out of contact for patient enquiries and arranging supplement replenishment.  As this is a decent break away, I would encourage you to start reviewing your stock and supplies in homeopathic first aid kits, regular remedies you use or programs you are due to review and consider making some contact in the next 4 weeks with our clinic to arrange for updates and restocking.

To recap my availability, I am in clinic the following days/times and can be contacted for appointments on 55939145. It is preferable that appointment setting is done on this number due to the sharp increase in patient bookings I am experiencing and the simple lack of time I have as a result in attending to front reception duties.  I want to thank you all for your referrals and your support of my business - its from your good word that I am prompted to update you on this! Grateful!

Monday - 9am to 5.30pm

Tuesday - 9am to 2.30 (Massage with Bek is available from 2.30 to 7pm)

Wednesday - OUT (Massage with Bek is available from 9am to 5.30pm)

Thursday 9am to 5.30pm

Friday 9am to 4pm

Saturdays - OUT (Massage with Bek is available from 9am to 2pm)

Phone consults - these are best booked in at 15 minute intervals and are charged at $35 per call  or $55 per half hour.  If you require a 'quick' return call from me for a 5 minute update I have allotted some time in my lunch break to do this however this will be strictly kept at 5 minute intervals.  Very shortly, I will be releasing a very unique program that will allow you cost and time effective solutions to these shorter but necessary contact enquiries.

Many thanks again for hanging in there with the growth of my work and delivery of what I intend to always be an excellent level of health support and advice for all patients  new and old!

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