Stress Shrinks Your Brain

Good Saturday to you!

I trust you're getting some relaxation in over the weekend so your brain can grow back to normal again.  Yes it is true - even acute or early stress actually causes parts of your brain that control emotional exaggeration, rationalisation, memory, decision making and emotional context.

In the same light, anxiety increases the size of a different part of the brain that creates worrying, circular thinking and aggression.

Interestingly though is the fact that the same areas of the brain are affected similarly in insomniacs and in some cases OCD.

To say that stress does not affect you is quite possibly the memory and impulse control parts of your brain being altered in size and function from the inflammation of the stress response and the further inflammation of your lifestyle choices you employ to 'manage' stress (alcohol, high sugar foods, low exercise participation).

Research is now quite compelling in the areas to support the provision of magnesium, GABA, turmeric, saffron, passionflower, marigold, zizyphus and kudzu along with omega 3 fatty acids, breathing techniques, dietary changes towards alkaline eating and zinc to remodel the nerve changes in your brain and return your thinking and feeling matter back to normal size and functions again.

So the next time your find it difficult to remember where your keys are, what time you had an appointment and when you had to pick up the kids from school when you're in a state of flux- try to employ some brain soothing chemistry to help you out!