Summer Bodies are Built In Winter

Good Saturday to you all!  From my window it looks a little gloomy and overcast - a great day to sleep in and laze around right?  Well, true is that, but it is also great weather to move your body outside in the fresh air with a reduced risk of overheating or burning and moderate risk of getting rained on.  Winter is always a tricky time when it comes to momentum in health and well being but it doesn't have to be.

Great news huh?  It is in my opinion the perfect time of year to advance your weight loss or cleanout results if that is your health goal.  Both will help perpetuate the other as well.

Did you know that when you burn your stored fats your body also releases the stored chemicals (pesticide residues, dangerous hormone interrupters from plastics and cosmetic chemistry that doesn't have a natural place to go other than into your skin and blood stream through absorption)?  This chemistry can be responsible for halting your weight loss results and can also be quite harmful on your cellular health too, triggering more serious health issues.  For this reason, I like to recommend a support program of specific herbs and nutrients that support the safe removal of these chemicals. When you do this, you will notice great results are achievable again!

If you truly want to be able to proudly wear a new swim suit, shorter shorts or mini dresses (ladies) or well fitting shirts, board shorts or speedos (gentlemen) in the warmer months in a body that is glowing with health and youth that defies your actual age - these next 6 weeks are your chance to make it happen!

Remember - your Summer body is a result of consistent Winter movement, clean eating and safe removal of stored chemistry!

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