Support for Cancer Patients

This page has been created specifically for patients undergoing diagnosis and treatment of cancer and for the people who support you.

I have supported many patients through all stages of cancer for many types of cancers and understand the complexities of this journey very well.  My aim is to meet you where you are at in your stage of illness and your desire for treatment outcomes.  I prefer to work closely with your oncological team and respect your decisions to incorporate traditional styles of treatments with complementary therapies.  For this reason, I request you to supply those details on your first consultation with me and to advise your primary care team that you are in consultation with me.  I begin the relationship with your team, by introducing myself by letter or email - which ever is preferred - by outlining my treatment programs around their treatment protocols for you.

There is a lot that natural medicine can do to support a patient in this time of their life.  From offering sound dietary principles at all stages of treatment to implementing specific botanical medicine protocols to enhance treatment outcomes and cellular health - there is a lot that can bridge the gap and make this a more comfortable, healing journey for everyone concerned.

Every cancer patient and their condition is unique, but there are some similarities that will respond well to a grounded strategy based on current research in the fields of nutritional medicine and botanical medicine.  It is from these bases that I construct my support programs for cancer patients.

For the Support Crew

Your role is crucial and many of my patients bring their loved ones along so that everyone is on the same page.  I also suggest that all members on the support crew seek coping strategies at this time, and I offer a comprehensive and flexible approach to helping you cope with the effects of your concern for your loved ones going through cancer treatment.

Having a diagnosis of cancer may be a golden opportunity to become the healthiest you have ever been - at the very least, how about we just look at it that way?....

Please contact me directly for a chat before we get things underway.


Nicky Wood