Keeping Ahead Of The Christmas Chaos

Good morning and what a beautiful day it is!


I write this from a picnic table at Miami Beach Queensland Australia as my daughter prepares for her surf competition today...her heat is about to start.

Later today we celebrate a family annual Christmas gathering so there has been a lot to do in the lead up for this weekend. Sleepover packing, Christmas shopping, patient appointments and filling orders food prep, wrapping presents and packing’s easy to get overwhelmed!

Keeping ahead of the chaos inside your head may seem like another thing of the to do list but in my opinion it is the most important item of all.

This last 24 days before the big one is for some - perilously fragile. Emotional reminders of loved ones lost, fractured relationships, a year of under par health and the remnants of general 2018 exhaustion may plague you, but it’s not too late to bring yourself back in check.

Here are my top tips for keeping ahead of the chaos:

  1.  Watch how you breathe - it’s common to shallow breathe when you’re rushing and under stress. This can leave you fatigued, digesting poorly, feeling muscle pain and sleeping broken hours.
  2.  Stay hydrated in a positive way - keep your electrolytes coming and your water flowing. Resist the urge to keep caffeine flowing though- this will rob you of precious fluids and nutrients and eventually result in foggy thinking.
  3. Consider learning ‘anti-rush’ tapping sequences and calming techniques- these can offer on the spot support and strategy for the harshest of days.
  4. Keep your lists refreshed, your food intake frequent but not overly complex and your chewing slow.
  5. Be mindful of resetting your attention so you can stay focused on the tasks at hand - mindfulness techniques are vital right now.
  6. Herbs like Bacopa, Withania, Passionflower and Baical Skullcap are powerful supporters of the adrenal and nervous systems. B vitamins and magnesium formulas can support the nerve firing of messages you will need to keep your head together!
  7. Remind yourself to stay calm - actually tell yourself this when it starts to get in top of you!

For pre - Christmas calming sessions - let’s talk. Its a wonderful feeling when you see yourself manage your day with ease despite the busy-ness of the tasks ahead of you...