Teeth Grinding – Its Not all About the Worms

Happy super sunny Saturday!


Its going to be a glorious weekend on the Gold Coast, no excuses for avoiding a little vitamin D - there will be plenty of it!  If you have been finding your sleep has been a little erratic the past few days, you may be sensitive to the moon phases - it will pass soon. However, if you wake due to a sore jaw - you may be grinding your teeth, and that is a problem (not serious, just pesky).

It becomes serious however if you don't address it and your teeth grind themselves down to gum - then the moon affecting your sleep will be the least of your worries - getting dentures and having to wake up with your choppers in a glass next to your bed should put things into perspective.  By the way, I believe the common dental recommendation is to keep them in these days, so that you don't dry your mouth out and cause health affecting bacterial and gum disease.

Often teeth grinding is thought to be due to a possible worm infestation, particularly in children and this can commonly be the case, rectified by a comprehensive gut repair and worming program.

However something as simple as a head off centre on the vertebrae, a tight temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or a jaw misalignment could be the issue.  If the latter is more likely, a simple trip to a dentist who specializes in functional (myofacial) alignment is a must.  If the former is likely, a trip to the osteopath/chiropractor could be in order.  If it the TMJ is nasty - massage and in particular - craniosacral massage therapy would be my recommendation.

I was working on a patient today with some remedial massage work and could see looking down the centre line from her forehead that her top lip and bottom jaw where heading off in two different directions.  She was complaining a lot about teeth grinding and I could feel that her neck was very tight on one side compared to the next. She runs - she knows running throws her body out of whack but - she loves to run. Her teeth grinding was affecting her sleep - she would wake with a really sore side of her face.  I did some tests to check the TMJ and yes - it was way out of whack, just what the run would promise.  Even a small amount of massage began the realignment process.  Next was to unscrew the head from being on so tight - we can literally think our way into facial muscle tension - so muscle relaxing herbs and magnesium are recommended.

So next time you hear yourself or someone else grinding away at their pearly whites, their next birthday present could be a voucher for a soothing jaw relaxing massage...or a year's supply of Wormwood and Garlic herbs!


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