“Nicky is a passionate naturopath who makes it her business to stay informed of the latest science and information on holistic health that will benefit her clients.  Combining her energy, intuition and knowledge she makes a talented healer, committed to partnering with you to seek outstanding health for her clients.  Thanks Nicky – I’m loving the journey and feeling wonderful!”

Abby Clemence  Director - Infinity Sponsorship  

"Nicky is the guru when it comes to feeling great about yourself, internally and externally.  With her global wealth of experience, she is the perfect presenter to put health and wellness into perspective into how you and your people reach peak personal and professional performance levels.  If you want your people to be better, feel better and do better, then Nicky is the person you need on your next conference agenda."

Keith Abraham  Best Selling Author and Founder of the Passionate Tribe

"Ive had the pleasure of sharing the speaking platform with Nicky Wood and thoroughly enjoyed her highly informative and energetic presentation on Breaking the Fatigue Cycle. Nicky delivers a presentation that naturally leaves you wanting to seek more information on how we can improve our vitality and vibrancy!  This is one speaker who really knows her stuff!"

Karen Phillips  Managing Director KPCC, Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker

"I was lucky to have a friend recommend Nicky to me when my son was 6mths old as not long after he became very ill with a vomiting and diarrhoea bug in which he lost 2kg in 10 days.  As it was viral, the doctors or hospital could only advise that we keep up his fluids etc, but he just didn’t seem to be getting any better.   Nicky was fabulous, after our visit AB’s vomiting had reduced within 24hrs (as she said it should) and slowly we rebuilt his strength, the food he could handle in his tummy, and most importantly his immune system.  She was absolutely fantastic in helping AB bounce back to his usual lively self.

At this time Nicky was also launching her SuperKids Food supplement.  So for the past year AB has had the extra benefits of nutrients and probiotics each day that I can’t always trust are in his food.  He loves the flavour on his toast with honey, in a glass of milk or mixed into his custard for pudding.   We also regularly use Immune support, especially when we feel a bit run down and then more regularly over the winter months along with Flu Prevent.

Nicky has also been tremendous in treating head colds¸ runny noses, teething pain, constipation, eczema and general bugs that toddlers seem to bring home from being out and about and at Daycare.  She has helped AB build up a great immune system that when he does get sick he recovers very quickly and I am proud to say he has never needed Antibiotics, which I think is rare these days for a two and a half year old.

Nicky  - you have a gift for helping people and I am so glad that I have met you, knowing that you were able to help us when I truly needed someone."

Vickie (Busy mum of 2 bouncing baby boys!)

"Nicky thank you for all the work you have done with my two boys.  As you know my older boy (9yo) loves your massage treatment to complement his swimming training and is always hounding me about when his next session is going to be. When I finally found the time to bring both my boys (6yo & 9yo) in for their first homeopathic consultation with you recently I can only say you were amazing and I only wished I’d done it sooner.  I was quite shocked by the sounds coming from my 9yo’s chest and didn’t realise how unwell he really was given his high energy levels, but your treatment of just 2 weeks turned his illness on its head.  And the improvement in my younger son has been terrific too.  Not only that, you’ve looked at the root cause of their ongoing sniffles, sneezes, coughs, colds, hayfever, asthma, etc. and many of their symptoms are gone and the rest are definitely improving with the changes we’ve made and the herbs they’re taking.  The way you interact with the children is fantastic, I’m particularly impressed how you explain in terms they can understand the reasons why certain foods react the way they do in their bodies so they get on board and partner us in improving their own health and wellbeing.  We all love our visits to see you, the boys feel right at home with you, which is all due to the great rapport you have built with us immediately.  With the knowledge you have shared with me and the maintenance programme you have put them on, gives me greater confidence in caring for my children.  I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about the health of their families to see you and get them on the right track as a lifestyle change instead of filling their children full of antibiotics or over the counter medicines without getting to the core of the problem."

Kylie & Gede   Gold Coast  June 2011