The 5 Rules of Optimal Health

Happy Saturday ! It's going to be a scorcher weekend in our town - I hope you've made arrangements to keep well hydrated! This includes electrolyte rich foods such as celery, cucumber, mint, lime, lemon, watermelon and capsicum. These can be  used as snacks, additions to water, juiced in the blender together or incorporated into salads. Don't only rely on water to do the job - a must reminder for tradies!

Today I want to highlight my top 5 health rules that your body naturally seeks to maintain.

1.  Manage inflammation at every cellular process - if you're in pain, gaining weight or having hormone problems - this is most likely not being done very well.

2.  Breaking down toxins and removing them - if you're sluggish, irritable and headache prone or your skin is breaking out- this is backing up for sure!

3.  Converting and recycling- mainly hormones for sleep, reproduction, weight management and moods. Excess swings in any of these areas may result from over or under conversion. This can be tested easily.

4.  Manage temperature - the role of your thyroid and liver here is vital! Bacteria and virus infections are also impacted in this rule - if you're temperature control and immune system is slow in responding- you will experience illness.

5.  Rest for reset- your body follows natural biorhythmic cycles for alert and rest periods which includes sleep as well as awake rest. If you're robbing yourself of these you can expect points 1-4 to become imbalanced.

Remember- it's the simple rules you follow that get the greatest results ! Enjoy!

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