The Doctors of Natural Medicine

Hi There

It's another wonderful weekend and another step closer to the final days of the year.  Most of us are trying to finalize appointments for various things - car servicing, dental, doctors and hair.  How many of you are visiting your nature doctor during this hectic time?  I'm not talking about the person, but the healing forces of mother nature to doctor your health back to balance.

In Naturopathic Philosophy, it is recognized that there are 6 main doctors of natural medicine that we need in order to maintain homeostasis or balance in our wellbeing.  It goes without saying that most of us understand some of these for the sustaining of life itself, but are you just visiting those doctors purely to keep you alive, or to offer your body a true feeling of being alive and vital?

Let's visit the doctors briefly one by one and let the panel of nature's specialists take good care of you every day:

  1. Doctor Sunshine - UVB rays are the sun's kisses that allow us to make Vitamin D to protect us from at least 15 cancers and a host of auto immune diseases.  Just 10 min a day in the 11am - 1pm time frame on your abdomen and inner arms and thighs can be most beneficial.  There is no need to burn, and it is recommended that you don't sunscreen up for this small exposure.
  2. Doctor Filtered Water - if you are going to drink water, you really do need to consider that your water can carry a number of gut damaging chemicals and bacteria and in some cases parasites.  Filter your water well, drink it freely and aim for a light champagne colored urine by just after lunch to know you are well hydrated.  Over hydrating can be as health harming to under hydrating so keep a balance between water and your electrolytes.
  3. Doctor Hydrotherapy - water therapy on the outside is just as healing as on the inside - hydrotherapy is the practice of using water based treatments to help the body with a number of health outcomes from stress management to detoxification and respiratory conditions.  The age old practice of hot/cold showers or plunge pools, sauna and steam, inhalations and even a good sharp dip in a cool ocean on a winter's day can be incredibly enlivening for your skin, lymphatic system, musculoskeletal system and your nervous system.
  4. Doctor Purge - ancient practices of helping the body deliver its toxic build up through the act of purging through the bowels, lungs and skin has its distinct advantages and of course discomfort and in extreme cases disadvantages.  Purging is a very useful tool to increase energy and alleviate fatigue and sluggishness in the body, potentiating a platform for vital cellular activity.  It can also be dangerous if performed without the support of a skilled practitioner and an understanding of how to read the body's coping mechanisms.  Gall bladder flushing, colonic irrigations, fasting and extreme skin eliminations through wraps and scrubs should all be considered carefully and in a measured manner. Once done well, your body will reward you with a wonderful host of energy and lightness that you may never have experienced before.
  5. Doctor Rest - it is undeniably the most important doctor of all - rest is almost as vital to the human condition as sleep and food and water in my opinion - and in today's busy world - rest can be the difference between keeping it together and snapping apart.  Even a 5 minute shut down of the eyes, 10 full gentle breaths and legs up the wall or over a chair can reset your head space for clear thinking and forward movement.  Surely you can afford 5 minutes of quality In Time.
  6. Doctor Movement - your body is not designed to stagnant - it is a dynamic piece of miraculous art and needs to be shaped and nourished through fun and toning movement regularly.  Variety is the spice of life when it comes to movement and there are so many fun ways to do this.  Remind your body it needs a walk, a swim, a dance, a weight bearing hold or a stretch - it will thank you endlessly for it.

Remember - visiting your doctors regularly can make way for a fruitful visit to your GP doctor when you rock in and show up as a healthy happy human!  Enjoy!