The New Fuss on Stomach Reflux

Happy Saturday to you!  It's a bright and sunny weekend predicted on the Gold Coast, but for some it won't mean a thing if you spend your days and nights battling that uncomfortable rise of acid from the stomach that can at its mildest form cause indigestion and at its worst - peptic ulcer.  In between these two conditions lie a few others that make up the dyspeptic upper GI conditions.

I've just popped out of a conference on the latest developments and research on the natural approach to a range of tummy troubles, so rest easy - this is hot off the press!

The usual belief and therefore medicinal approach to treating reflux symptoms is to dampen down acid production from the stomach, but recent research shows us that this is simply putting a very poorly functioning band aid (actually now found to potentiate the problem once removed regardless of whether or not the condition is actually an acid problem) over a multifactorial problem that needs addressing from a number of angles.  Simply put - the primary defect is not from acid secretion from the stomach.  This is exactly what your stomach is designed to do in order to start the process of healthy digestive functions, not unhealthy ones.

The many factors combining to create an injury to the immune tissue in your digestive system is one of the more likely starting points, and another is the cause of the injury in the first place.

Slow stomach emptying (gastroparesis) is also one of the clues - and poor hydrochloric acid production and quality can also be part of the jigsaw - but what has led to this?  What we do know is that the following factors will have an adverse affect on both of these issues:

1.  Alcohol ingestion

2. Bacterial imbalance in the small intestine

3.  Gluten (everyone has an initial intolerance reaction to gluten

4.  Stress and the response to stressful events

5.  Obesity (creating pressure back up onto the oesophagus)

6.  Overeating

Dietary irritants such as chilli and curries are often way down the list when looking for causes, usually the damage to the membranes of digestion is already done, and these are just making matters worse.

So, I hear you ask - what are the solutions to this uncomfortable and potentially debilitating condition?  First and foremost is to repair and heal damaged tissue, second is to power up the digestive function and a close third is to improve the bacterial balance in the small intestine so that fermentation of foods there by stowaway organisms is not occurring. Weight management, stress response support and guidance and repairing the original immune and lymphatic injury is also on the list of things to do, if that fits the original blueprint of sufferers.

Remember - indigestion and its related diseases are not a deficiency of antacids, or an excess of normal acids - in other words - don't shoot the messenger.

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