The Pause of the Sexes – Part One

Happy Stormy Saturday!  This past week most certainly been an early snapshot into our tumultuous storm season ahead! If you remember last year and earlier this year, we had lashings of weather instability that is not unlike the cyclonic hormonal conditions happening in your body from your 40's onwards.

There are many jokes and anecdotes devoted to the 'change of life' for women and what it brings - but to be fair - both sexes experience a pause of normal hormonal processing and the relative symptoms that go with it.  For women - we know it to be Menopause, for men - Andropause.

What determines how impactful this natural stage of change in both men and women is the lifestyle factors you choose in the earlier years of your life and of course the progressing years in your 40's and 50's.  Of the most important is the amount and frequency of alcohol consumed in this time, which is often seen to go hand in hand as a preferred coping fluid for stress in these times.

Your liver - the organ of toxin processing - needs to be given a break frequently in the years between 30 and 60 from all things that load it up, so it can adequately break down hormones and send timely and adequate feedback messages to the organs producing them, to produce some more, or balance out with a reduction or alternative selection.

In men, if your liver isn't adequately breaking down testosterone and eliminating its by product (di-hydro testosterone) - elevated levels of this chemical can contribute to male pattern balding, prostate enlargement and faulty testosterone production. The most common hormonal changes in men is the reduction of testosterone and elevation of oestrogen.

In women, the opposite hormonal fluctuation is often seen - an elevated testosterone (contributing to facial hair production and aggression) and a drop in oestrogen and progesterone production.

Commonly, in both sexes - there are certain oestrogens you DON'T want to see increasing, and these are the ones that are contributed to by exposure to plastics, pesticide residues, inorganic compounds and even some face and body preparations such as creams, perfumes and deodorants.   These mimic hormones in your body, and give confusing messages to your body, not to mention loading up your liver.  I call these 'distraction chemicals'.

Also common to both sexes as the approach to the 40's and beyond occurs - is a loss of sleep quality, alterations in temperature regulation, loss of confidence and self esteem and what would normally have been simple tasks and duties start to become daunting and annoying.  This is a time to foster patience and more paced planning - even in meal preparations.

Next week, I will continue this blog topic with some solutions to overcoming the imbalance but in the meantime - if you would like to test your hormones and find out where yours are, contact us at 55939145 and arrange a short consultation so that we can get the ball rolling (no pun intended!)

Remember - this is meant to be a 'pause' of hormonal processing - not a complete stop to your quality of life.


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