The Sign Language of Your Body

Happy Cyclonic Saturday to you!  This blog topic was a little predictable given my recent Facebook fascination with Mark Cave - the now famous Auslan sign language guy who appeared on national television yesterday, mesmerizing men and women all over the country...but most importantly theatrically updating our hearing impaired friends with news on Tropical Cyclone Marcia. (see link below)  Sign guy crush aside, it reminded me to highlight to you the importance of your own body's sign language - the very discussion it has with you daily to alert you to its needs.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk speaks to the media along side the Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski and Interpreter Mark Cave, aka #SignGuy

Every day you will feel some niggle, appetite reminder, appetite suppressor, headache, muscle ache, eye strain, yawning, feeling chilly, feeling hot, a thirst sign or absence of this, sugar craving, salt craving, irritability, sadness, joy, flat line absence of emotion, rise in libido, fall in libido, an overwhelming feeling that things are wonderful...and of course the opposing feelings of dread.  Your body is constantly giving you feedback through its own perception of the environment you are exposing it to and its chemical responses to that.

For example, if you find that you don't have a natural thirst through the day and can go all day without reaching for water - something chemically is not triggering the hormones that asks your brain to remind you to drink...and the result is a thick, sticky blood flow that is high in salts, and low in water - creating a perfect situation to build up headache causing neurotoxins.

Are you taking notice and responding in time with what y0ur body is asking for?

I call this body wisdom - its primal, immediate and instinctive but above all - an impassioned plea to ask you to show it some love and give it some attention.  Its when you miss these queues that illness and disease starts to set in.  Much like a storm cell in your body, when many cells that are deprived of adequate nutrition and hydration experience a change in pH, fluidity, polarization and direction - they gather together and form a kind of tissue storm, then an organ storm and so on...

Here are a few body signs and their related and most plausible causes...its time to learn sign language:

1.  Headache/migraine: not enough water intake, imbalanced sleep hormones, high tannin (tea, wine) or high salicylate intake (list available if required), shoulder/neck tension, magnesium/b6 deficiency

2.  No thirst all day: no morning trigger after sleep (usually remedied by up to 600 ml of water intake first up), blood pressure irregularities, kidney filtration issues (water and salt related), adrenal stress hormones, intake of dehydrating fluids vs hydrating ones (false economy).

3.  No appetite when meal time is due: slow stomach emptying into small intestine, poor enzyme output during previous meal, high fat/fibre content in previous meal, eating too fast, eating too much quantity, smoking.

4.  Aches and pains in muscles:  sugar and alcohol in the 8 -12 hours before, over training muscle groups, stress and tension, worrying, over due for massage/bath, magnesium deficiency, glutamine deficiency, b vitamin deficiency, potassium deficiency, acidic diet, drinking inadequate amounts of water, heavy metal toxicity.

5.  Feeling fatigued: sleep deprivation or apnoea, gluten rich diet in the 8-12 hours before, alcohol in the 8-12 hours before, over working, previous viral history, current infection or illness, inadequate recovery time between exercise (often combined with post viral syndrome), magnesium/zinc/tyrosine/iodine/b vitamin deficiency, high sugar diet, stress, unexpressed emotions, parenting!

6.  Libido fluctuations: hormonal disturbances (drop in testosterone and rise in oestrogen in men/rise in oestrogen in women/rise in testosterone in women), stress, slow detoxification functions through the liver, lack of exercise, b vitamin/zinc deficiency, protein deficiency.

7.  Emotional fluctuations: hormonal disturbances as above but also through dopamine (reward and happy hormone) and serotonin (natural antidepressant and pain relieving hormone) drops, stress and the inability to express emotions, overworked and fatigued, lack of exercise (exercise is nature's Prozac!), sugar rich diet, alcohol/recreational drugs in the past 24-48 hours.

8. Teeth grinding: possible jaw misalignment, parasitic influences, teeth sensitivities and bite imbalances, stress/decision making needs

9.  Stomach cramps: poor bowel eliminations, irritable bowel syndrome, low fibre intake, low water intake, magnesium deficiency, ovarian cysts, adrenal gland conditions, kidney conditions

10.  Cravings: imbalances in minerals (sugar craving-magnesium, salt craving - sodium), protein deficiency, dirt/chalk/ice - calcium, fruit - sugar - possibly due to candida imbalances.

Remember - if you show your body a little love more often, you are bound to feel the effects that love can bring you - read the signs and love it up!

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