The Sneason to Be Ready

Good Morning!  How are you waking up today?  I would like to think you've woken with vigour, anticipation and satisfaction after a deep dream filled sleep, but for those of you who have woken with this early flu season's gremlins inside, I'd expect you to grunt, sniffle and groan as you search in vain for the tissue box.

It is an early season indeed, combined with a late wet season and this can spell a mish mash of viral infections which is exactly what we've seen so far.  Each winter, as I start seeing cases of that season's flu, a theme pops up that is often common in all presentations of symptoms, and so - as I recommend homeopathic treatment to target the main debilitating of those - I can let you in on the ones to be prepared for should one of these nasties hit your home front.

Interestingly, I have seen two distinct infections: 1.  A gastrointestinal virus and 2. An upper respiratory virus sitting in the throat pit or upper chest.

The gastro virus is not unlike most that I've seen and it has the usual hallmarks of fatigue, cramping, diarrhoea and high thirst - for this virus I employ good lashings of a remedy called Arsenicum Album early in that phase.  If it progresses further this one does enter a respiratory phase and can come with muscle aches and more fatigue. For this (and depending on the thirst) supporting with Gelsemium or Rhus Tox can be fruitful.  I also recommend a high dose of immune probiotics and electrolytes for fast energy recovery.  I have seen this virus transform into the next one, so let's tackle that...

The upper respiratory virus heralds its call with a scratchy sore and raw throat coupled with a deep hoarse voice that would otherwise be sought after by the caller of a 1900 number.  Known as clergyman's throat this picture is well matched to Drosera and Belladonna which are often are deployed to start the combat in phase one of this infection.  Phase two pops along if it progresses as a throaty, sticky, tough cough that seems to be centred right at the back of the throat, with a decent glob periodically descending into the digestive system - known as post nasal drip or PND - this year it is quite thick and unpleasant.  For this, the Drosera may be back benched for a moment, and Kali Bich sent on.  Usually its game over from here, however to be sure - keep the Kali Bich going twice daily a week after the symptoms appear to improve.  In some cases, I've used Hepar Sulph instead of Kali Bich for a different presentation of mucus, cough and sneezing.

In children, this following of remedies can transition over a few days, in adults - a week sometimes less.  Coupled with good immune enhancers (herbs and medicinal mushrooms), flu prevention remedies (I have a few I work with for those seeking preventative measures) and of course - probiotics to help munch up that mucus!

So - you are now forearmed and forewarned for this year's winter season!  Simples...

*To enquire into a family kit of these and other winter/cough remedies complete with instructions - call our clinic on 07  55939145.

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