The Wondrous Benefits of Soup

Good morning and welcome to a cooler and Winter heralding Saturday. I'm writing from Coffs Harbour today as I help my 11 year old prepare for her surf competition down here. It's a little chillier today than it was yesterday!

Spending the next few days on the beach is going to spell a few extra calorie is burnt for us if we allow ourselves to experience a little chill on our bodies.

You see your body has an in built mechanism to mobilise stored fats to keep you warm if it needs to, so I don't mind feeling the cold at all!

Another benefit of the cooler months are the nurturing healing properties of soups and casseroles. They are also perfect meals for busy people and all you need is a good large pot, some complimentary ingredients and a reheating or thermos option.

There are times where a soup or casserole are a preferred option to crunching through a raw diet and in those cases the concern around killing off a few enzymes and vitamins are far outweighed by the benefits that warmer liquid bound meals offer.

Here are some of the health benefits of including soups and casseroles into your menu this winter:

  1. When you are too busy to cut up a raw meal and munch it down - a quick re heat of a hearty stock with some green veggies thrown in at the last minute is a great way to get the best of both worlds. It's better than skipping a meal!
  2. Some raw vegetables release different nutrients when slightly cooked such as tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. The last three if eaten raw often may block absorption of some other nutrients like iodine for a healthy thyroid.
  3. You can achieve additional hydration with a liquidated meal and in the cooler months the thirst becomes less obvious so it is easy to become dehydrated.
  4. If you are experiencing stress, anxiety and worry and that affects your appetite, soups and casseroles are easy to digest during this time. Your thirst can also alter during high stress periods.
  5. Often you can cook in bulk once and eat for days. Although it is always better to eat freshly prepared meals, in a realistic 21st century world this is not as common as we would like to see. At least you know what has gone into your meals and how it was prepared - even if you did freeze it then reheat!
  6. Spices and herbs that offer additional immune and antimicrobial support for your body can be easily incorporated and utilised when added into a casserole or soup. I personally think our culinary herbs and spices are under used in modern day home cooking.

Remember- a heart soup can offer all major food groups and many trace elements for a complete meal! It's time effective, nutrient effective and cost effective!