Top 5 Healthy Ageing Must Have’s

Good windy Saturday!

We are sliding into the last few weeks leading up to the third Wellness In The Golden Years FREE event for seniors and retirees, so today's post is devoted to reminding you that the ageing process is happening now in your body and that depending on your choices, and outside of unavoidable accidents - you are the master of your body and brain ages.

I often hear people handing over their health to a quick fix pill without adjusting some basic lifestyle choices in the hope that the health issue is soon out of sight/out of mind.  The reality is that most medications/drugs will have a side effect in your body, over tax your liver and kidneys and rob your system of vital nutrients that in many cases such as high blood pressure, are required by your body to manage this condition.

In exchange for a little extra attention, planning, initial adaptation time and self discipline you stand to benefit greatly by implementing some lifestyle changes to protect your ageing body.  So what should you focus your time and efforts on that will make the most impact and have the greatest outcome for your health.

After over 20 years in the health industry and following thousands of consultations - here are my top 5 must have's for a long healthy and chronic disease free life:

  1.  Manage your inflammation well - any pain, heat or discomfort on the inside or outside of your body spells potentially cell and tissue damaging outcomes.  Inflammation lie at the bottom of all chronic disease including Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cancer, Depression, Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Arthritis and many more.  TIP: If you choose to take some medication for these, adopt an anti inflammatory program alongside it for better outcomes. (
  2. Manage your bacterial balance (also known as your microbiome) - science tells us from recent discovery that our human DNA cells are outnumbered 10 to 1 by bacterial cells so it pays to take care of the bugs in your life!  Dental research shows oral bacterial health impacts on a number of areas in your health - especially your cardiovascular health.  Cardio surgeons have lab tested arterial plaque removed from patients to find oral bacteria within this substance.  TIP:  Incorporate sugar free pre and probiotic foods and formulas in your daily intake such as kefir, yoghurts, fermented vegetables like kim chee or saurkraut, coconut oil, water soluble fibres like psyllium and guar gum and plenty of vegetable matter.
  3. Manage your stress response - regardless of your age, you are the master of your emotional responses to what goes on around you and becoming a master is a massive step towards reducing the inflammatory effects the stress hormones have on your system.  Whether you over commit, ruminate on worries, wallow in the past or knee jerk to nit pickiness - you are in the control seat for all of this.  TIP: Find some of the numerous classes, professionals and techniques available to you to soften your stress.  There would have been something you remember doing when you were younger that you loved to do that also calmed your mind - go find and do it again!  If you are struggling with turning it around, there are some key herbs and nutrients that literally rewire your brain to help get you there.  Let's talk about a tailored program for you!
  4. Manage your chemical load - toxins and oxidative stress from these in your body quickly turns a healthy cell into an erratic and unhealthy one.  Chemical load comes in many forms - some from within the body and some from outside.  Whilst we can't see these chemicals, our body tells us when it is encumbered in the form of joint pain, headaches, skin conditions, sluggishness and mind fog.  Once you start reducing the load and improving the removal of toxins, you will emerge out of this uncomfortable cloud with a spring in your step. A sluggish or too fast bowel for example is a sign your system is backing up literally in toxic matter and it becomes a healthy ageing priority.  TIP: Toxins to focus on include by products of alcohol and smoking, food preservatives, sunscreens (there are many effective and natural ones), cosmetics, deodorants and fragrances and plastics in food and water containers.
  5. Manage your movement - as you age your body doesn't need less movement, it needs different forms of movement.  If you are pushing too hard you can create more inflammatory outcomes, but if you don't move enough you will create the same from a build up in toxic load.  The balance is vital and what works best is a cross section between light cardio, weight bearing and flexibility (especially flexibility) with a degree of frequency that would be no less than 3 times a week.  TIP:  Make sure if you are working with a personal trainer they know how to SLOW TRAIN you during times of injury or deeper recovery from an earlier heavy session or a particularly taxing time with work and personal events.  Sometimes a beach walk and a good stretch is just what the doctor ordered!

Remember - you are the master of your ageing processes, the decider when it comes to medications or supplements and the implementer of your diet and exercise lifestyle choices right up till the end!  Let's get you there as late as possible with as much life in your body as manageable!