Traversing the Time Line of Your Health

Good morning Saturday lovers - it is a great day for contemplation, planning and setting directions for yourself and your family.

One of the most valuable tools you can give yourself is in the understanding of cause and effect when it comes to your health.  When you know what situation, food, event, infection, activity or relationships (all types) affected your health in a particular way, you are indeed empowered to know what the journey back to healing is going to look like.

Drawing a timeline of your health can be a fantastic way to take a quick journey into the past to understand what the future and indeed your present is looking like.  To know where you've been, you will determine how you will go on your motion forward.


When you are plotting the events of your life, you are not just plotting what happened, but also what effect it may have had on your health. For example - your birth may have been long and arduous on your mother and intervention was required, although you may not be aware on any impact directly, you may have been exposed to certain stressors and chemicals during that process - it may pay to ask your mother or another family member about these early childhood details if possible.

Below I have placed an example of one version of a time line - you can free hand draw this or get funky on your computer using chart building software.

I suggest spending an hour or so on this process - you won't be sorry you did this as so much forgotten years move into the front of your mind and often the gold in unlocking your vast memory of events and circumstances that have truly impacted on your health and of course your life.

Further, if you have children - start plotting theirs as well - this is invaluable when it comes to speaking with your practitioner - you can even break it down into a 24 hour time line for childhood illnesses!

Remember - most of you may struggle with recalling the poignant moment when an event literally drew a line in the sand between your vitality and your lack thereof.  A simple line on the paper in front of you could be the most important line you draw in your life...!