Two Tennis Balls and a Sock Relaxation Therapy

Happy Glorious Saturday to you!


What a stunning weekend to enjoy the great outdoors - I hope you are preparing to spend some time in the last few weeks of the warm sunshine before it fades along with your Vitamin D levels!

One of my favourite activities to do that brings me deep relaxation is catching a gentle sun doze when the rays aren't too hot.  I always feel thoroughly chilled out and ready to take on whatever the world wants to offer.

Relaxation techniques for the mind and body are grossly underestimated in medicine in my opinion - they simply aren't researched enough and therefore supported as serious options for patients when it comes to our usual spread of chronic diseases.  Putting it all into perspective,  the hormones your body produces under the stress response are extremely inflammatory to your body - all over.

Your muscles, tendons and ligaments are not immune to the stress hormones you can produce when under an adrenal and emotional pump.  Nor is your fascia.

What is fascia I hear you ask?  You know that thin sheath like material often found on the outside of legs of lamb and other animal flesh?  That is fascia and we have it too.  Imagine trying to run a smooth hand over your muscle but the lining on top is buckled up - this is commonly an issue with fascia tissue and can spell all kinds of painful trouble for the body - including headaches, calf tension and muscle pain.

When you release the fascia it can allow for a lot more flow in your body - including in your cranio-sacral fluid.  When your body experiences flow - it experiences deep relaxation.

Enter the 2 tennis balls and socks.  By knotting off the balls into a sock (lets face it we almost always have one floating around on its own) - you create the perfect apparatus for fascia release.

Starting at your feet - place your home made fascia roller under the arch and roll your feel over the two balls to start massaging your feet.  You can test the effects of a fascia release by doing a forward bend safely and noting where you get to.  Then roll your feet and try another forward bend.  You will be amazed at the difference.

Your fascia tissue runs from the base of your feet right up over to the front of your forehead.  By releasing from the feet your effecting the whole of your body.

Remember - you don't have to use fancy or expensive therapies to achieve full body relaxation - your body likes pretty much everything that is simple and effective.