Vote Yourself IN

Happy Election Day!


Even if you choose not to vote for the representatives on the ballot paper, there is one candidate you really should consider representing...YOU!

As always, there is a running theme of inspiration from my patients for these pieces and this one goes out to all of you who put others before you when it comes to the basics of getting regular meals, drinking water, going to the toilet and having some time to yourself.  Its all about setting healthy boundaries, checking in that you have been nourished first and then giving your time to someone else.

Consider yourself one of the leaders of a political party - if the state of the country came down to your how well your health and your needs are met on a daily basis - would you be in surplus or deficit?  Would you be able to export your resources out to other not-so-affluent (health and resource wise)  countries, or would you be draining your own supplies in the hope someone will come along and save you from a global meltdown?  Are you already in a global meltdown and have been there for years?  Your economy is at an all time low?

As a health practitioner, I am always mindful, and often reminded of the importance of taking care of my needs so that I can continue to show and guide others on how and where to do the same for themselves.  This is why at times I don't answer my phone, reply immediately to messages, refer to my reception for appointment setting or spend time in general conversation during work time.  Sometimes, I just need to stop, eat, lay down and breathe, clear my head for the next patient, program and plan, drink some water, heed the call of nature or simply stare out the window so that I can be present again.  Sometimes - I have to put myself first before a patient.

In my opinion, most of the ripple effect when a family unit, country or organisation is in damage control with health, productivity and planning is often due to the distractions we allow in to sway us from our very basic needs.  If you are operating from a clear and nourished headspace and body - half of the errors are made, double the creativity flows and more space is enjoyed between task moments. You are in surplus and your election promises made on New Years Eve starting manifesting into reality - often the opposite in the real political sense.

So go out there today, lodge your vote, then go home and start planning a new term yourself first where you enjoy and look forward to eating a healthy balanced meal at appropriate meal times, where you remember to drink fresh vital and clean water, where you luxuriate in an hour of you time in rest and another in movement of your body - where your life is not longer robbing you of your basic needs.  Its time people...VOTE YOURSELF IN!!!!

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