Want to Improve Your Performance?…Here’s How

Good Saturday when it arrives in your world!  I say that as I write this piece the night before, and nevertheless, by the time it gets opened, it could be Saturday week!

The months are flying by aren't they?  Are you keeping up?  It is often about now that regardless of the profession you are in, the end of March and start up of April can often leave us wondering if there is enough fuel in tank to make it to the next petrol station otherwise known as your next holiday...or the Christmas break.  Easter is around the corner, so for some - the refuel may be just a week or so away.  But what if it isn't in sight for a while?  And what if you are already feeling flat, lethargic, apathetic and despondent...what then?

Well I'm glad you asked!

And to make things more interesting for you, I wanted to take this opportunity before I launch into the content of this blog to let you know I am about to open the Wise Healthy Living Sports Naturopathic Clinic dedicated to the sports enthusiast on the 12th April.  I've created a fusion of sports, training and athletic pursuits with the natural laws we implement in naturopathic practice to achieve sound weight loss programming, over training prevention and recovery, pre and post event planning, joint and inflammation support and anything that relates to overcoming the speed humps in you maintaining your exercise goals and results.    The wonderful Naturopath Joanne Dixon will be heading up the consultations there, and I will be case managing with her along the way so in essence - you will have a team of Naturopaths looking after your health, fitness and training goals. Both Jo and I consistently stay active and train, so we appreciate the load on your body and the levels of fatigue over training can bring.  We look forward to welcoming you to our new space at Shop 2/76 Township Dve West Burleigh.  Jo will be starting on Saturdays so it will be really easy for you to fit in a visit to get things back on track!  No excuses now everyone!!  Feel free to forward this to your friends, families, sporting clubs, kids teams and their managers, coaches and spectators.

So we were talking about the fuel in the tank situation.  Apathy, lethargy, despondence...if this is looking like you or someone sitting next to you - let's try a few funky things to get your 'A' into 'G' and press on into the next quarter and beyond.  Mostly this looks a little like this:

1.  Keep a food diary for the next 7 days so you can get a snapshot on 'unconscious' eating and drinking, non exercise attendance and your energy levels alongside this.  Go to https://wisehealthyliving.com.au/consultations/ and download the 7 day diet record template to help you out.  Often times a food diary pulls you up really quickly on your choices and can be a powerful way to stamp out stimulant use and food for happiness for example.

2.  If you want us to take a look at that - call on 55939145 - both Jo or I can take a look at this and give you immediate solutions on where your best efforts can be focused to turn around fatigue and potential burnout.  We can also work with you on the best fuel to get you to the next station given your activity levels, lifestyle and profession.

3.  Consider the right balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats - too much protein can cause pain and acidity if not digested well, too little and too much carbohydrates as well as the poor forms will drain your energy and contribute to weight gain and the inflammatory fats are likely to either contribute to pain, chronic disease or weight problems.  We can advise you on what is best for your optimal results.

4.  Avoid stimulants to get you by - high caffeine and guarana intake can not only be dangerous, but mostly counterproductive in energising your body without robbing it of other vital nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium.

5.  Be sure your sleep is adequate - both in quantity and quality.  It can really get in the way of clear thinking and preventative business decisions.  Utilising homeopathic or herbal formulas will help greatly contribute to your sleep cycle regulation but won't leave you drowsy the next day...and are non addictive!

6.  Herbs from the Ginseng family, Bacopa, Schizandra, Yerba Mate, Rehmannia and Bupleurum are all multifunctional in the areas of physical fatigue, mental lethargy and sleep disorders.  Consider a formula that incorporates some of these.

7.  Magnesium, tyrosine, iodine, carnitine, lipoic acid, B complex and taurine are all brilliant for the balancing act of nutrition often robbed during a performance low.  Even when you are feeling mental pressure and are not expending physical energy - these can be very useful tools to replenish lost supply.  Some also help to balance glucose metabolism - so will help deliver a more efficient fuel for you to work on.

8.  Alkalise your diet - there are many ways to do this but research shows it can reduce cortisol in elevated and stressed individuals - this adrenal hormone can really hamper good sleep cycles, glucose and fat metabolism as well as measuring your stress result.  Oh, and to make cortisol, your body needs cholesterol to do this...so guess what can contribute to the rise in your cholesterol???

Remember - there are many ways to skin a cat - but if you are allergic to claws and fur - maybe its time to sit down with someone and get a solid plan to take you through to the next pit stop...and avoid the cat nap!



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