Weight Loss VS Fat Loss – What Is Your Reality?

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When it comes to weekend weather you can't go past a lovely cool morning with a hint of sun to warm your skin, followed by a light breeze and a spell by the sea.  Its that Summer feel that lifts us out of the Winter hole and out of our stodgy hedonic eating patterns and into spritely salads and BBQs.

Every season shift from Winter to Spring heralds a mass movement towards gyms, trainers, beach paths and bicycles as humans, much like a hibernating bear, emerges to shed their gathered padding.  The movement towards the swimwear draw is however, a little less massive, and a lot more tentative.  They say that Summer bodies are built in Winter, so I would imagine that intrepid journey to the bikini and board short draw is somewhat more confident in those that have been out of the cave during the cooler months.

Thousands are currently embarking on 6 week weight loss programs right now as a cleverly timed calendar decision leading into Christmas Day has been reverse engineered to coincide with a looser waistline come Santa's arrival.  The success of these programs will be determined on a number of factors:

  1.  The ability of the participant to stick with the intended program for the duration - if that is doubtful - motivational or mindset coaching will be paramount
  2. The percentage of fat tissue vs muscle tissue currently on the body, and altered during the program - if you are focusing on weight loss vs fat loss - you are already behind the permanent weight loss line already.  This may be why previous attempts seem to fail. More importantly however, is that if you are losing muscle due to your body metabolising it - you set yourself up for a faster onset of ageing related conditions and immune problems down the track.
  3. The amount of consistent and varied exercise maintained during and beyond the program - yes you do  need to move your body for a fat loss goal to be achieved.
  4. The body's current set point and the approach taken by the program coordinators to re-set this - observing the staging down of set weight point during a weight management program is key.
  5. Whether or not the participant is in leptin resistance - for more on this subject read next week's blog as this is a massive area to cover.
  6. Whether or not the participant reaches ketosis during their program consistently - this is dependant on a number of factors - content of healthy fats in the diet, content of muscle preserving proteins in the diet, level of movement the body experiences during the program.
  7. The immune and toxin load starting point of the individual - if these areas are encumbered the progress is highly likely to be slow - releasing fat cells as you lose them may also equate to an upsurge in toxin release from fat cell degradation.
  8. Medications ingested by the participant - if the participant is taking oral hormones, cortisone, some antidepressants, MS medication, proton pump inhibitors and cholesterol lowering medications, the effect of those medications on certain chemical pathways of the body can create challenges in the redirection of fat and glucose for metabolism, or impede the normal functioning of the mitochondria.

As you can see - there are a few stop off points that should be considered when it comes to achieving healthy fat loss (vs weight loss) in order to successfully step into your Summer body year in and out.


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