What’s On Your List?

Ok, you will be forgiven for thinking I am about to launch into a food based shopping recommendation or discuss a list of dreams and goals - not this time round my friends!  This is all about something that came to light yesterday morning as I contemplated our Friday routine.  Its the last day of my working week, and Friday is swimming lesson day for my daughter.  As a 'practice what you preach' parent - I swim in the lane next to her on Friday mornings.  After all - if I expect her to get into the pool before school, I believe that it is only fair that I do the same and set a good example.

This is where the list comes in.

Yesterday I realised my process on these mornings.  I realised that right before I get out of bed I have a process around whether or not I will or will not make it to the pool.  Then it dawned on me!  I am 100% sure even our Olympic athletes have the same process.  Its what I call The Inventory.

My Inventory or 'Invented Story' for the expanded version is the list of excuses I come up with in the first moments when I wake, that justify every reason why I shouldn't push myself to get out of bed to exercise. This morning this was my list:

1. I have had a busy week with ill patients, if I push myself today I feel like I might get sick too

2. I'm so tired from worry and stressed with ill family, if I swim today I won't make it through the weekend

3. My shoulder hurts

4. I have another busy day, I need to energy to last, this will probably exhaust me

5.  My cycle might start

6.  I'm not over the dream of great white sharks I had right before I woke

7.  My throat is scratchy

8.  I've got so much to do on Sunday

9.  I have to fit it the lunch making I didn't do last night

...and so on

By about point 5 (and after I checked I was a while away from that happening), I realised I was in the middle of an automatic inventory of lame excuses.  Not one to be tricked by illusions, on realising this, I knew I was self sabotaging an incredible feeling that would be mine in no less than 2 hours - energy and  vitality from the swim!  So I swam and my day flowed well.

Today, I feel fitter, happier, lighter, healthier, buzzy, relieved and toned.  Dumping the inventory was well and truly worth it!

Remember - check in with your list and be honest - are these really valid excuses for avoiding an amazing feeling for a little hard work?  You deserve to feel great, so dump the list and put on your gear! Happy Saturday...


I will be speaking on Achieving Healthy Ageing at CreativiTea Broadbeach on Wednesday 22nd at the Body Dynamics Netwealthing event starting at 6pm.  For tickets, please contact

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See you there!



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