What’s Your Health Story?

What a beautiful start to the weekend!

I wanted to devote this blog piece to asking for feedback, stories and pieces from you if you so like to share with our readers.  Everyone of us has a health story - a before, during and after story of once upon a time when one day you were healthy, vital and on top of the world, and the next day - the line was drawn in the sand.  Post viral and post traumatic patients know this scenario very well.

My health story led me into this career and often for practitioners who are passionate about helping others achieve great health, this is the case.  Did your health story spur you into being passionate about your health?  Or do you give helpful advice to others on how to improve their wellbeing, but leave your own to the side neglected?  Your story could well be the one inspirational one that once written, will help to progress someone else into a healthier journey...what if your story actually helped you in yours?

So, for this week, take a moment to write 200-300 words in reply to this email or even directly to me, tell me about the before moments, the moment of change and the after moment - and even if you haven't capitalised yet on this story to improve your health, what would you like to do about it?

Remember - your story is important, there is a possibility for you to reclaim a level of vitality and vigour that was yours before the 'event', just spend a moment and write it out therapeutically.

I look forward to your response - please note on your piece if it can be shared to inspire others...

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