When Having a Bad Hair Day is Bad for Your Health

I hope your weekend is bringing you some fun and relaxing things to do or not do!

Now you can be forgiven for thinking this blog piece is all about the impact of unruly hair styles on your happy balanced state of mind, and for some this is a very serious fact - but this blog isn't about that (this time).  Your hair is so much more than framework for your beautiful face - its also a USB stick for your whole body - keeping a memory of the last 2 or 3 months worth of stored metals, minerals and potential health warnings.

In clinic, I do a lot of hair mineral testing which is a simple process of you or your hair dresser lopping a small amount (approximately a heaped teaspoon) of the hair from the base of your hair line near the neck (nape) and sending it off to a lab for processing.  During this processing, the hair is examined for what it is storing in terms of heavy metals and healthy minerals - together with your case history tells a lot about the affects of these on your health.

Even children as young as 2 years of age can register heavy metal toxicity (which can be an aggravating cause of skin, nervous and digestive conditions), as in the womb, the mother's storage and exposure to these can filter into the placenta.  Fortunately with children, this is one of the easiest tests to do as there are no needles involved and hair cutting is a natural part of the child's experience.

There are a number of heavy metals checked in this test - alongside the usual mercury, aluminium and lead - others like bismuth (found in many mineral makeup products, ulcer, heartburn and digestive formulas), gadolinium (from contrast dyes in MRI and CT scanning), tin, arsenic and antimony and cadmium (smoking and high sugar diets).  Cadmium toxicity has been linked to lowered IQ in children.

Many of the elevated heavy metals when correlated to your mineral levels will show a relative impact on these levels due to the requirements of these minerals to help you body process the metals out.

If your health program is faltering, slowing down, stagnating or plateauing - it could be that your cell receptors are being blocked by metals locked in there, instead of a calcium, magnesium or sodium molecule.

Here are some tips that also help your body detoxify heavy metals from you body:

1.  Foods such as garlic, onions, egg yolk, coriander, parsley, kelp, seaweed (s), broccoli and all green leafy vegetables supply beneficial minerals and amino acids to support the detoxification process.

2.  Keep your probiotic status up - many of the foods listed above are also prebiotic (promoting growth of bacterial strains that help), which assist with maintaining pH levels and processing in the digestive system.

3.  Consider a herbal and clay chelating program - this can be an incredibly powerful way to assist with the cleaving off of receptors any stubborn heavy metals.  Contact me for a full heavy metal test and treatment program.

4.  Ocean swimming, skin brushing and Epsom salt baths can also help.

5.  Electrolytes are an important part of any chelating program, as the minerals sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium are all part of the fine electrical balance that is often thrown out during heavy metal toxicity. This can prevent fatigue before, during and after a chelating program.

Remember - if you colour or dye your hair, that can be a direct line in for some metals to start exerting their effect on you liver, kidneys and digestive system.  You will need to wait for a 1-2 cm growth of uncoloured hair before you test.

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