When What You’re Doing Is Enough

imageHappy scintillating Saturday!

Have you ever asked yourself am I doing enough to maintain the health of my body or am I going overboard?

How do I know when enough is enough? And enough of what?

In my role as a Naturopath this is predominantly the most important part I play in the patient/practitioner relationship.

Your body is an I credible conglomerate of decision makers and feedback mechanisms. If you have not drunk enough water, chemical signals light up in your brain to trigger a thirst reflex...or it is supposed to.

You see when you maintain your body to meet its needs daily, you're eliminating the chance of these feedback mechanisms to fail, allowing for higher ranking issues to begin. In the case of water drinking, a higher ranking issue may be constipation, headaches, sinus issues, immune irregularities and food sensitivities to name a few.

Here are a number of 'hallmarks' you can keep an observant eye on that will indicate you are maintaining well and keeping things in check:

  1. You wake feeling well rested and refreshed with a spark of energy that grows as you move into the morning- if you don't check on your sleep patterns, breathing  during sleep, hydration the day before, content of carbs/protein and fat plus processed foods and alcohol in your meals the day before
  2. Your appetite spikes soon after waking and regularly between meals within a 3 hour period after your last meal or snack. If it isn't you may need to improve stomach emptying times and enzyme output and address lower colonic bacteria and parasite presence
  3. Your responding to life's ups and downs with clarity and focus, without hypersensitive reactions and without the sharp swings in moods. If you're struggling here- you may be experiencing too much commitment, too little self care, higher toxicity levels in your eliminatory organs, or chemical imbalances from hormone output or breakdown issues. Sometimes you may just need to sit and talk to someone.
  4. You naturally feel like moving your body for fun and exercise. If you don't your system is sluggish and your digestive, thyroid and mood management systems may need an overhaul.
  5. Your skin feels elastic, supple and well supported by firm muscles (doesn't have to be super tight but just not saggy). If it isn't your hydration, essential fatty acids and muscle mass may need to be addressed. If you have rashes or persistent blemishes you're possibly also requiring some gut attention as well, better get on top of that inflammation.
  6. Your bowels move everyday comfortably and without hard effort or discomfort, blood or mucus. If it isn't - you may need to do some investigating, bacteria and parasite work and inflammatory bowel management. I would not leave this for weeks or months.

Remember- you can over do it with your health from time to time. Knowing when enough is enough allows your body to tell you what it's needs are. Taking a supplement that isn't needed and a 'just in case' could be the start of a host of other issues.