When Winter Turns Wild, Turn Home into a Healthy Retreat

Holy Mother of Mayhem Batman - we are in for a snuggly couple of days indoors!

I hear the resounding cries of parents everywhere mixed with hopeful wishes of some valuable rest time on the lounge, unable to venture into the outdoors with their children to keep them entertained and exhausted, and restricted in any efforts to mow lawns and hang washing.    Ahhhh what to do!

If you have children who need entertaining during a weekend of wild weather, I have a few ideas below that could work in your favour.  It may not be the same as their usual expenditure of energy during their normal weekend pursuits, but it may take the edge off the crazy for a few hours...and that lounge is not too far away for you and your book!

Here are a couple of keep ém busy ideas:

  1.  If they are old enough (7+) get them involved in preparing a nourishing Winter immune building soup. They can peel carrots and parsnips, place chopped pieces into the pot, stir with supervision and add herbs for extra health benefits.
  2. If your child is under 7, get busy with them making some play dough (plenty of healthy recipes online) and line up your safe kitchen utensils for shape cutting.  To get some non toxic colours you could try adding drops of beetroot juice, strawberry juice, pulped and strained English spinach juice, blueberry juice and for orange, purple and yellow - carrots in those colours if you have them!
  3. Should your home have a lonely hall just waiting to be utilized - grab some crepe paper, old string, old stockings or something similar and set up a 'laser labyrinth' for them to make their way through without touching it.  Think any Bond Movie, Entrapment or similar spy movies to get to the 'treasure'(that could be their devices or food you have held back for treat purposes).
  4. Look up 7 minute workout on your browser and print out the chart - give one to each child.  Have them do the work out a few times over or get them to create their own (statues can be incorporated into this concept.
  5. With those unwashed bed linen and towels - get them to good use in fort building, scene creating for a mini movie and 'safe' stepping spots for adventurous lounge room activities.
  6. Put large pieces of paper together - secure them with tape. Get your children to lie on the paper and draw the outline of their body.  Google a chart of labeled human body parts and get them to label their body drawing with as many parts as they can.  Another version is to have pieces of food cut out and get them place the foods near or on the parts most likely to benefit from them.
  7. Home made spa treatments are a great way to keep them busy and relaxed!  Using household ingredients and only small quantities needed, coconut and oat scrubs, fruit facials, avocado masks and herbal tea baths become a fantastic passer of time! Make sure you put the soothing music on!

Remember - a healthy dose of fun can be had in the smallest of spaces!