Where Do I Begin?

Well hello to you and welcome to my first piece of literary infotainment for 2014!  I trust you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break and that you are optimistically looking into this year as another opportunity to unravel what didn't work well for you last so that you can consciously avoid repeating them this year.

I was fortunate to have enjoyed a lovely digital break, work break and even a mummy break for a while - and boy did I need it!  It goes without saying that those of us with a cross section of responsibilities can easily dive in deep and exhaust ourselves treading water for too long before asking for help or even attracting attention to the fact you are struggling.

Taking an active 'stroke' forward in the aim to start momentum up again can also seem too hard - but you have to start somewhere!.  Often it may even seem easier to take your last breath and surrender!  What if you could do a version of both however?  How about floating, breathing and going with the ebb and tide and currents that life throws up at you instead - whilst at the same time moving gently through the current of your life towards your goal?  Why is it that we feel we need to 'fight' and 'gladiate' ourselves all over the place in order to get to a set goal?

It's been a busy start to 2014 in clinic and in corporate for Wise Healthy Living.  This past week I've launched a 12 month Wellness Program for a Brisbane based company - and despite it being a massive week of travel, organisation, thinking ahead and planning/implementing - I feel quite rejuvenated at the end of it all!  If I was not connected to my purpose and passion in delivering this type of program - that would have floored me for sure!

I've also selected this year as the year to 'pull back' on energy draining, flow fighting, unnecessary activities that we are not fully committed to - for both myself and my daughter.  So far it is working a treat!

So the message here my lovely readers is this:

Begin at the point of exhaustion and desperation, frustration and brow beating you found yourself at last year - make some changes and move slowly forward to implement in a gentle and committed way.  That is where you begin.

Remember - insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.  Happy Sane 2014 and Happy Australia Day!


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