Where is My Fatigue Coming From?

Good Morning!

How are you feeling today? Is your energy and focus on point this weekend or are you exhausted from a draining week?

We feel fatigue from a number of different of possible causes however the problem with fatigue and a drop in our focus and concentration is that it gets in the way of the energy required to fix it! Somewhere in there though, lies the solution. To cut the sleepy cycle with some action.

Let's first investigate where this drop in energy and swing away from focus is coming from.


When something is not going so well in our personal lives, the drain on your energy is somewhat immediate - especially if you are trying to ignore or put these feelings aside. The energy drain there is quite palpable. It's amazing what happens to our energy once we allow the free flow of our emotions vs trying to hold them back. Its also incredible what happens to our focus and concentration when we have released the emotional plug and can get back into the work at hand. Emotional fatigue is not always adrenal fatigue - however the level of stress output we chemically engage in during emotional fatigue can impact on our adrenal hormones quite profoundly. This type of fatigue is best remedied by a commitment to 'drop resisting it and go with it'.


Nutrition is usually the first place we look at when we are looking for reasons why our bodies are slowing down and not performing. Quite easy to remedy when identified, the main nutritional reasons why we can fall into fatigue and a lack of focus include but not limited to:

Iron deficiencies
Zinc deficiencies
B Vitamin deficiencies
Magnesium deficiencies
Poor hydration
Poor gluten metabolism
Fluctuations in blood glucose
Excess of alcohol and sugar
Sluggish digestive absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins

Not everyone will be affected the same way with these kinds of fatigue faux pas but it is a good place to check in on across the usual lifestyle of a tired person. When in doubt, check this out - but if its fine, check the emotional line too.


In our approach to supporting someone who is fatigued consistently, we mustn't over look the impact of past viral infections. Viruses have a particularly effective way of creating an ongoing level of low grade fatigue where the body just never feels like it is the same as before the virus hits. Addressing post viral fatigue syndrome is important soon after the initial symptoms have passed. To leave it longer than 6 months is to elongate the overall recovery to almost as good as before. Herbal medicine, Co Enzyme Q10, medicinal mushrooms and rest are optimal here.


Social fatigue covers everything from partying too hard too often, to being over crowds and constant flow of visitors to just simply needing 'own space' to ground and come back to yourself in.
Like our friend here in the picture, sometimes we just need to hibernate.

Enjoy your time and take care of the many areas that fatigue can spring from...