Winter and Willpower DO Go Together

Before I launch into this scintillating topic - for those of my patients that seasonally use the Homeopathic Flu Prevention program for their families and are concerned about the onset of the latest strain of Influenza A recently 'advertised' on TV - it is well and truly time to break out the program again and get a start.  If you need the latest program for 2012 -

Adults and Children 12 and up - Flu Prevent daily to every second day + Eu Flu Weekly.

Children 5 -12 - Flu Prevent twice weekly + Eu Flu every 10 days.

Babies and Toddlers - Flu Prevent weekly + Eu Flu fortnightly.

As usual, continue the Immune Support drops daily or twice daily - more frequently if you notice a scratchy throat or drippy nose around - it will pull it up quickly if just a common cold or food reaction.

Now for the topic at hand ...

The further I observe the humans around me the more patterns I notice that seem to lock them into a spiral of seasonal ebb and flow.  Of the most noticeable is the connection between the onset of chilly weather, hibernation and the co-existence of a fear of weight gain out of one's control. This piece is to inspire you to fight the cycle and get a move on - mainly because you won't feel as cold and Winter seems to pass quicker, and calories will be burnt along the way!

Winter is the perfect time to increase caloric burning and weight loss programs mainly because your body has a need to increase metabolism to stay warm. If you expose yourself to a little chilly weather and feel the shiver - that is the exact effect you want to get the most our of this season.

I personally enjoy swimming more in Winter than I do in Summer for the added benefits of calorie burning, circulation stimulation and skin glow effects!  For those of you in the chilly waters of southern australian coastal regions, perhaps a quick flash of cold water over the body (and a crazy dance to make it pass quickly!) at the end of the shower is in order.  Don't be afraid of cold water, when your body shivers - its burning calories and creating heat remember!

Here are some quick tips on how to get the most out of your will power this Winter:

1.  Ignore the fact that it is cold and your default response to hibernate and push yourself to appreciate the new colours, textures and aromas that Winter brings - for example - the sky colours are magnificent this time of year, the sea spray is slightly more pungent and the mist and steam coming off the ocean is hypnotic and romantic.

2. Avoid the fat storing 'P' foods - Potatoes - Pastries - Pies - Pre Packaged - Processed instead use 'C' foods - Casseroles - Cooked Fresh - Chilli - Coloured Brightly - Crisp.  You can warm up beautifully with the C foods and it doesn't take long for your body to draw energy from them to give to you, unlike the energy draining P foods.  Also - eat small to medium sized meals FREQUENTLY to keep waking up the metabolic rate.

3.  If your thirst is slow to wake up when you do and drinking cool water is not your pleasure, switch to hot water drinks - ginger tea will really steam things up - especially if you use fresh sliced ginger root . Also consider kicking your digestion along with fresh lemon in warm water, having miso soup as a mid morning/afternoon break and eating foods baked in their own juices such as fish.

4.  If you can't get out (or a bit shy of hitting the pavement with pre winter weight on) - select a list of your favourite dance music from the good old days and wiggle it - just a little bit!  In my opinion - unless you have an injury or serious illness preventing you from certain forms of exercise ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has a valid reason to not regularly move your body in the name of exercise.  Find out what your inner head conversation is around exercise and set about switching to another language.  Better still, get a trainer on board for a while to help you translate!

5.  Consider herbal medicine that really help to pick up metabolism and thermal (caloric) burning. There are a number of herbs available and depending on your other health goals, these can be teamed up with other herbs to give you an all round targeted support program.  A good probiotic formula also helps to keep the food processing unit going!

Remember - Winter might be a cooler time of year, but if you can resist the same old routines from past and break into a flashier new one of keeping things on the move - you will still fit into this year's jeans next year!  Enjoy

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