Wired or Tired – Or Are You Twired?

Happy Days - its the weekend!

A great concept that weekend - its meant to be a couple of days to rest up and re-set yourself for the following week ahead, right?  Not according to the conversations I am having with patients (and myself) this past few weeks.  I love watching patterns and themes in my patient and private encounters and equally, wonder at how they tie in to the theme of Seasons and events of the year's calendar.

Whereby a few months ago (September/October) a familiar theme was sheer exhaustion from the months prior - many were telling tales ending in sentences like - "I'm not sure how I'm going to get through to the end of the year - I'm already exhausted!", these days its more along the lines of "I've got so much to do, so little time to do it - but I'm up at 4.45 am and in bed by 9pm and can't remember if I've had time to eat!" Sound familiar?

This time of year I find a strange thing happens with most of us - somewhere in the middle of the third quarter exhaustion and perceived loss of energy, springs forth the vigour to push on into the final weeks of the year - just enough to make it to the finish line.  Its that frantic, excited, anticipatory energy that comes with the Christmas spirit.  And it's not commonly sustainable without regularly checking in that you have achieved some balance amongst the mayhem!

If you feel wired AND tired, beware - there is a potential crash afoot.  Any adrenal herbal preparations that you used to use for your exhaustion in the spring months may not be the best formula in the Festive Season, in fact they could well and truly wire you up!

Here are my tips for supporting the wired and tired parts of you that you barely have time to know:

1.  Emergency yoga postures such as the child pose and 'legs up the wall' are great ways to recover your adrenal health on the spot - spend 5-10 minutes as often as you can on the floor in these postures, breathe for 10 breaths deeply through the nose and let yourself come back 'down'.

2.  Watch the effect of caffeine on your system at this time, you may have tolerated it well a few months ago, but the days of now, maybe just a little too heavy on the nerves. Perhaps opt for some chai, ginger tea, liquorice and lemongrass or chamomile and lavender blends.

3.  Choose a herbal formula that contains gentle herbal actions on your adrenal system vs. firing up the adrenal actions. Remember - nervous exhaustion is different to adrenal exhaustion.  Herbs like American Ginseng, Lavender, Passionflower, Skullcap, Rehmannia and Oats are a wonderful alternative to hitting the wall.

4.  Grab a bath, a massage, a moment under a tree - anything that hands your body over to someone or somewhere that can help regulate your breathing again.

5.  Keep an eye on your electrolyte balance - its amazing how quickly you chew through your magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium during times of high pressure.

Remember - if you can't work out whether you are wired OR tired, assume you are both and cover your assets with periodic moments of rest and even more moments of supporting your adrenal and nervous systems.

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