Working A Way Around Health Apathy

Good weekend to you!  Where I sit its a wet and grey few days ahead - is that an excuse to drop my commitment to keep my body on a healthy trajectory? NO WAY!  Is it easy to drop my commitment to be onto my health jeopardising habits - YES!  Is it easier to maintain a momentum of being healthy vs dropping into lazy eating and few exercise sessions a month over years and being forced into healthy eating due to doctors orders or an illness?  ABSOLUTELY YES!

If being healthy meant you had more energy, a better functioning immune system, higher libido, clearer skin, brighter eyes, fewer depressed days and snap sure thoughts - wouldn't you want to enjoy it on a daily basis?  I don't know about you, but I certainly don't have time to recover brain fog, long term depression, obesity and poor skin conditions...let alone any of the others on the list!  I'm in this life for fun, productivity, resilience and adventure!

Are you?

Recently I gave a presentation to a corporate group on how to stay motivated to be healthy.  In this session we explored the 10 mountains to motivation when it comes to health.  I am certain we can come up with many more but these are the top ten I see frequently in my clinic:

1. Time

2. Money

3. Illness

4. Injury

5. Transport

6.  Family Support

7. Knowledge

8. Travelling

9.  Fatigue

10.  Priority setting

All of these mountains can either be moved or moved around - you simply need to identify an incentive that makes you keen to start the move!

One of my patients recently came to me for weight loss, where as that is exactly what is happening (6+kg in 6 weeks) - healthy focus has been our primary aim, and it is a healthy and achievable 1kg a week and lots of cm being lost, and in return - a long term congested respiratory system and sleep is also improving as a result. In the long run, sleeping well and breathing well are vital functions to improve metabolic movement with weight.  What is your motivation?

If you feel as though you need a little extra push in the right direction, come and join me on the 12 week program I am participating in just in time for the warmer change of weather!  It will promise to be fun, uplifting, rewarding and of course, educational.  Not only will you receive invaluable guidance on safe and training, the camaraderie of embarking on a health journey with like minded others is THE EASIEST way to overcome apathy when it comes to starting a healthy change!

Also, I am releasing these 2 hour workshops:

September 27 (Homeopathic First Aid in the Home)

October (25 (Unravelling Your Test Results)

What Do They Mean?)

If you are looking for some solid grounded Naturopathic advice on navigating your health and understanding what to do, what to ask and how to proceed with illnesses, these will be invaluable!  Make sure you LIKE my Wise Healthy Living page on Facebook and keep an eye out for more emails inviting you to attend.

So the long and the short of this post is this:


See you soon!



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