Worried about Weighting?

Good morning and let's say together - 'Thank goodness that week went smoothly!'  I don't know about you, but my week had the potential to completely run me over.  If I was a small slow moving animal crossing the highway in a storm, I'd be worried about coming across my path this week!  It came literally hurtling along - there was no time to mess around. Time management queen award goes to me this week - BOOM!

And it's all been for you...

I've been busy getting things ready for a 'soft' opening of the Wise Healthy Living Sports Naturopathic Clinic Saturday 12th April at Shop 2/76 Township Dve West Burleigh.  Alongside my personal trainer and good friend Shane Gregory at Beyond The Ultimate Transformation, I have created a private space in his studio to bring to you a totally dedicated centre for the sports enthusiast, weekend warrior and professional athlete.  Using Naturopathic principles and the laws of nature, I have the wonderful Joanne Dixon ND heading up my programs there and I will be case managing with her from time to time.  Jo will be implementing therapeutic plans on weight management (healthy and achievable loss and gain where necessary), overtraining syndrome prevention and recovery, joint and musculoskeletal inflammatory support and pre/post event planning (for all athletes).  Together - we will be supporting your goals for your training and exercise program with the aim to keep you consistently engaged in some form of exercise or movement that matches where your body is at each week together with your training and fitness goals if you start to get really serious!

So now you don't have to worry about weight anymore!  I have met a number of people in my wellness career who have found that they get part way into their training and exercise for weight loss for example, and then find themselves in a situation where they are road blocked by their immune system, fatigue, apathy and misinformed dietary support for recovery from their hard earned exercise.  For athletes, the immune hurdles can be frequent and debilitating.

Have you ever found that you start out on a program of diet and exercise and you get great results and then plateau?  We have solutions around shifting the plateau phase too!  You name it - we have answers for it when it comes to moving over the speed bumps in your intention to be healthy and fit.  Concerned about emotional eating?  Anxious about body composition?  Awareness and action are the two best approaches when you find yourself in this situation.  Let's get both sorted and fast because this year is getting away from you!

Remember - your body will change when you start a program, you may very well plateau and be tempted to give up - but remember - doing something consistently week to week towards this goal of a more healthy and vital you is way better than the inevitable result of chronic disease bought on by poor eating and sedentary lifestyle choices...its time to move it people! We will also be offering a range of seminars on these and many other subjects relating to sporting pursuits.  Here is a wonderful testimonial from a professional athlete who has had the opportunity to experience sports naturopathy in my clinic:

'Being an athlete, the health and wellbeing of my body is paramount. I need all systems functioning at optimum levels to reach peak performance. To ask this of my body everyday can cause stress and fatigue. In 2010 I quit my sport after giving in to my feelings of depression, anxiety and fatigue. My body and mind had plummeted to a deep low. I didn't know what was going on, I wasn't myself. I heard about Nicky Wood at Wise Healthy Living and her use of natural remedies to assist and cure symptoms similar to my own. After my first consultation, my eyes were opened to the current dysfunctions of my body and things immediately began to look up. Naturally, Nicky treated my inefficient energy production system which I had smashed after five years representing Australia in kayaking. Within a few months of 'quitting' my sport, I was back training and well on my way to healing not just my body but my head too. I'm now aiming high and looking forward to a successful Rio 2016 Olympic Games campaign. I would recommend Nicky Wood and her services at Wise Healthy Living to anyone…especially athletes!'


Bernadette Wallace

Australian Kayak Paddler

For the month of April, we are offering a special to you - book a 30 minute  Diet and Goals Review with Jo for April and receive 10% off your therapeutic prescriptions for the next 6 months.  Call Jo on 0421846405 or email sports@wisehealthyliving.com.au to let us know you would like to book your time.  We are open Saturdays too, so that makes it so easy for you to get onto it! Quote the word 'HealMail' to redeem your offer.  Go to our consultations page to download and print off your 7 day diet record template.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Offer expires 30th April 2014.  Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other specials and is not redeemable for cash. 


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