You Can Detox your Body Through Your Eyes

Happy Saturday!  Let it be the most wonderful start to a weekend full of jobs well done in record time, moments of ahhhhhh time where you are relaxing or laughter with your cherished friends and family.  Perhaps this weekend is one of those where you just know your emotions are going to hijack your happiness...?  This blog is for you then.

I was talking with a patient this week about the benefits of a good cleansing cry.  You know that moment before your dam walls cannot hold it back any longer and you let go of all that pent up anger, frustration, exhaustion, sadness, grief and worry in an almost endless set of surging waves?  That moment is priceless as far as your body's detoxification process is concerned, but it is often deemed to be a little uncomfortable.  In just under a few minutes, you can completely change the chemistry of your body from a good emotional release. Especially when you can do it fully, not stopping half way through, talking your way out of it or busying yourself with things to do.

Did you know tear composition varies from tear types? Predominantly, tears are composed of water, salts, antibodies and antibacterial enzymes but emotional tears actually release hormones - some pain killing, some adrenal/metabolic balancing.

According to a discovery by Dr. William H. Frey II, a bio-chemist from St.Paul Ramsey medical centre in Minnesota, the composition of tears caused by emotion differs from that of tears as a reaction to irritations, such as onion fumes, dust or allergy. Emotional tears are composed of more protein-based hormones, such as prolactin, andrenocorticotropic hormones, and leucine enkephalin (a natural pain killer), which is suggested to be the mechanism behind the experience of crying from emotion making an individual feel better. (excerpt taken from Wikipedia).

Just about everyone I speak to about this can relate to the relief (I call it grief relief) felt in the shoulders, head, back and heart when a good cry is had.  This type of tension is disease promoting in my opinion - even if nothing is going on currently, cellular changes can start if enough inflammatory chemistry is present and for long enough.  More often than not, I am finding many patients are suffering in my opinion physically from incomplete grief - sometimes from many many years back - and there are usually a few layers there.

The pain it causes when held in is in some cases excruciating - and it begs the question: Why would you want to experience this level of pain in your body if a good body heaving cry can start to unlock it?  Perhaps the pain is in some way locking your belief around that issue in, and your resistance to wanting to let go is greater than your desire to be freed up from the hurt?

So the next time you are 'feeling it' - let it go, clean up your emotional and physical body and allow yourself time to relax afterwards.  Here are some times if you are 'stuck':

1.  If you feel the broody, moody sensation coming over you - homeopathic Ignatia can very effectively unlock the tears - get the tissues ready it works a treat.

2.  There's nothing more frustrating that wanting to cry and not be able to - if you really get primal with this, you can move it along - sometimes stomping, thrashing in the water, beating a pillow or going for a run can start the movement.

3.  Be gentle with yourself once it starts, allow your body to follow its natural movements. Sometimes it feels natural to curl up into a ball and burrow your head to let it go, other times it feels better to open up your arms and chest and look up to release it off - or it could be a bit of both.

4.  Have some water nearby - your emotional detox is thirsty work and you will need to rehydrate again soon after.

5.  Think about having a shower, bath or swim afterwards (within the hour) so that you can take advantage of the cleansing process.

6.  Eat wisely - if you stuff your emotions down again with comfort food you can unravel the whole thing in my opinion.  Fresh produce, light proteins and lots of hydration is called for.  Spice it up with fresh ginger and turmeric for flavour.

7.  Let yourself rest and be gentle that day, no hard work unless it feels awesome to do so.

Remember - try not to judge what is happening, just let it move through you without blocking it.  It sometimes helps to have an understanding friend or counsellor with you if you are just getting started on this type of detoxing!


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