You Can’t Meditate Out of Something You’ve Eaten Yourself Into…

I personally love this saying.  It came again this week whilst I was at another conference on natural medicine strategies to support cancer patients with - but it really does fit into the box for most health related issues of the 21st Century.  In the late 80's and 90's the New Age movement dragged some of us kicking and screaming into a journey of self discovery on how to connect with higher beings to improve our health as well as other aspects of a 'deficient' life.  Today in the 2000's - there are many old 'New Agers' now battling with the very diseases bought on by a lack of discipline in the areas of nutrition and regular movement - not a lack of meditation.

The idea that we can eat an accumulation of poorly prepared under nutritious foods over years, drink a plethora of sugar laden beverages here and there (accumulating over the years), move our bodies sporadically when we have gone 'too far off the rails' as opposed to more frequently- and then sit back to hand it over to a third party (be it GP or other practitioner) when it all goes wrong - is simply crazy.   Modern science is doing a great job in finding ways to keep you alive for longer, but all research still points to the benefits of lifestyle modifications in the areas of diet, exercise and attitude to achieve best long term results in ALL chronic conditions.

If there is in you a tendency to think "Enjoy now, sort it out later" - consider when does this 'later' actually occur and how long it takes you to get back to the bouncy you again when you finally get to sort it out?  Its great to start the process with the thought but it is only as good as its action.  Most chronic conditions including cholesterol elevation, obesity (which is now showing the same risk factors for cancers by percentage as smoking and alcohol abuse), diabetes, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, cancers and irritable bowel syndrome - don't show up after weeks - they are years in the making.

This means that today - if you aren't making some in roads to address your body's food and exercise needs in a healthy manner - you are steering a definite course toward an expensive and painful (none of these conditions feel great in your body) lifestyle.  Today however, you can take some action and reverse the inevitable and you can repeat it tomorrow and the next day and so on.  And that is what it takes.

One of the best skills my parents helped me master were consistency and delayed gratification.  If you weren't lucky enough to have been raised by parents like mine in this manner - I highly recommend you find ways to master it then live it.

Remember - you don't have to like eating healthy and exercising - you just have to do it.

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