You’re Never Too Old to Fall In Love

Happy Valentines Day - traditionally a day where the commercial coffers go into over drive and partners are polarized between celebrating a day devoted to love or not - for what their beliefs may be. One thing is for certain, regardless of the day and regardless of the commercial fall out - the expression and sharing of love is always a healthy idea.

When you are truly feeling the love so to speak, your body responds beautifully in a symphony of flow - food digests well, muscle pain vanishes, sleep corrects itself, your skin takes on a youthful glow, frown lines soften, headaches ease, blood pressure normalizes, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels balance out and your blood viscosity allows a beautifully flowing river of red, richly oxygenized to surge through your body bringing nutrients and removing toxic by products of your lifestyle.  Pretty amazing drug that love!  If only we could capsulate it and prescribe that to all and sundry!

It is never too late to start loving your body.  Regardless of being singularly single, happily married, down and divorced or elated and engaged - if you aren't showing your body just how much you are devoted to its care and nourishment - you are missing out on the greatest love of all.  When you love your body with great nutrition, adequate and enjoyable exercise, recovery and rest and a little pampering here and there - it loves you back with a peace of mind that body and health confidence can bring.

For those who have had to deal with a chronic illness you will know what that confidence in your health is about.  To take advantage of the seemingly immortal boundaries your body may seem to be able to reach - every body has a lack of love limit.  Along the journey of mistreating your 'temple' are signs and warnings that your body is not feeling the love from you.

It may look like an unreachable target to give up smoking, change your diet, break on alcohol, remove coffee or stay motivated to exercise, but it is never impossible.  These amazing expressions of 'love by nature' show us that even in a barren and hard world - with a seed (idea/intention/space/permission) and a little nourishment (food/ water/minerals/air/room for growth) all living beings can break the mould and recreate a stunning new version of themselves... It's your turn, its your time - go out and love the life back into yourself!

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