If You’re Not Laughing, You’re Not Healthy

Good Morning to you!

Today marks the day I step out of my comfort zone and into my bucket list as I explore the world of stand up comedy...and me in it!  I have had this on my life's to do list for some time now and as the universe would have it, when you put it out there as an intention, it finds you!  I have always been a bit of a class clown - call it a cry for attention or a need to please - either way I have cracked a few people up along the way but there have been a handful here and there that really didn't get the joke and that's ok...or is it?

As I have journeyed further into the psychology of health, one thing stood out like the proverbial you know what and that is that even in the early stages of a chronic illness - the patient was not a happy camper.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that a drop in an otherwise positive and joyous state of mind may be the first sign the body is in distress.  From that point forward it could be years before pathology or scanning picks up a serious health aberration so this could be a great way to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Use this example for...well an example...

You go to sit down to watch a funny movie with someone and you find the humour in all the right places, but your popcorn partner thinks its silly, trivial, ridiculous, incredulous, becomes annoyed and restless and only one of you is needing a back massage from all the guffawing you're doing.  Regardless of whether or not the theme of the movie is funny or not - wouldn't you still find a giggle at the antics of the 'lounge room laugher' instead?  I know I would.  Empathy allows us that skill - to tune into someones else's emotional journey and join them somewhere on it - regardless of your own.

If your cellular health is low and hormonal signalling is disjointed due to poor insulin levels, low iron, deficient magnesium, high acidity, high toxicity, dehydration, lack of regular movement, poor dietary choices and you're suffering with pain, fatigue, low libido, headaches, agitation, anxiety and insomnia - this makes it very difficult indeed to sit down and enjoy a comedic attempt on anyone's behalf.

So, as a voice for us budding funny buggers and try hard comedians - go get your health back and sit down (or stand up) and have a good hearty belly laugh at SOMETHING!  I promise - it won't hurt you...

PS- If you're in Brisbane at 6pm at the Sit Down Comedy Club on Tuesday 3rd October because someone has invited you to the graduation show - tell them I sent you!