When You’re Under Par and Under Pressure To Perform

Good morning and welcome to a gloomy and oppressive humid day on the Gold Coast.


The recent spate of thick and heavy weather patterns that have bought steamy days and nights, have also delivered restless sleep, sluggish movement and a derangement in vitality. Some patients in my clinic have reported challenges in staying in top of health routines, falling prey to the drop in energy experienced by heat exhaustion and more recently an upsurge in viral infections.

Keeping cool, calm and collected has been a challenge for some whilst others seem to Coast through the heady heat to continue thriving in their usual way. So what is it with those people who are making the most of this time of year?


Trying to perform at your usual output when you are feeling less than vital, is a common trap we sometimes fall into. Pushing past our current state of energy and zip is a recipe for long term exhaustion and leaves us open to succumbing to infections that are doing the rounds.

If you notice your usual sparky self is a little dull after an event, a heavy week of emotional upheaval, decision making or travel - you owe it to yourself to take some rest on your down days. This may mean rethinking your social calendar to allow for an extra hour totally devoted to taking it easy.

Strike off unnecessary jobs, delay renovations, shorten up party attendances and make a date with your mattress so you can achieve deep rest and rejuvenation. Resisting the urge to push yourself will take energy, holding back that desire to clean up, organise or attend to another untouched project during this precious hour granted for rest will challenge you. However, I implore you to heed your body's needs, and it will repay you handsomely later with a new wave of energy and vigour. If it didn't - you need more rest.


Due to the environmental factors out of our control ie the weather, if your sleep is suffering (and this is applicable to menopausal women experiencing night flushing), aim to carve out rest for the following day. Although you may not be sleeping to catch up on lost hours, resting can still serve to reset your system for a few more hours, buying you time for those held off activities.

Closing your eyes, following your in and out breath, permitting your mind to aimlessly wander vs focusing on definitive tasks will allow you to push the reset button and get on with things again.

Remember - if you are the kind of personality that likes to set yourself challenges, this is the mother of all challenges to you. Take it on with the usual gusto and determination you apply to all your other tasks, and excel...I dare you!